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Yeah and it's these got seventy nomination svus film and amid excite for he did everything it scott when he gets the end of the film and it says written and produced by one person and selected by just a theats away ena might sign alec some was themselves yeah and even filmed as well so that's in ah so let him should be recognised spit in came here rights of himself if you win though i'm just says yeah i'm here for you speech weiss 'perfect and i've got a few options option one okay short and sweet you know i'd like to thank god my family at of buxton this is amazing facts that kind of thing option too long and sweet yet but quite selfindulgent okay when i was five i saw a toy keyboard in a shaw right and it was my dream since then blah blah blah you go up the ten minutes they stop playing the music the house comes over puts his arm around you tries to still token i get you offstage option three gear use the speeches a platform to rent about your favorite political kohl's good idea and i'll be good so why is it take bt so long to sort out my broadband issues i am a business because got eleven oh yes adam rarely option for feel oscar speak right incredibly bitter ally that good yeah i need you lamy everyone blamed noah to thank but a few people i wanna bring down you are the only person that created your luck that teacher at school told you to be entertaining thought you mr mr hopkins smith berg try sticking they saw scruffy above practice doing that all right i'll go straight up as well and thinking i dunno i thinking of just pointing myself widening my eyes and noting slowly thing that could work that's good not talk into this guy kind of a look at this guy and then you could do a sort of might drop with the oscar yeah just dropped the oscar could do that kenya would do that yeah he get into trouble bought it always works african yet i think come at a chef alone statham away through offer sentence and and leif yeah that's a good i played you think i like.

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