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Is on with Mario Lopez. Lopez join me now on zoom from. Actress Allison Brie welcome to the show Alison, how are you thanks Mario? Doing as good as can be expected. Yeah, you look great. You Look Right. We caught up not too long ago. A senior twice in one morning. I mean you can never have too much. Mario, no Mario Orange and I can never have too much allison. I like you like to keep busy sometimes double dip like you. Did back in the day. Shoot both madman, and community, which was so cool because I was thinking about it, too, shows that are completely different, and it sort of an actor's dream to be able to pull off something like that. Right? Oh my God absolutely. You know they were two of my first jobs. And aside from it. Just making me feel really busy. I felt like the busiest actress in Hollywood got to go to my other job at the same time. Just like you said I was I got to really work those acting muscles, because on community, and the vibes of the sets were very different to on community. We were just like. I don't know how to describe like kids on a playground making fart jokes. Constantly make each other laugh you know pranking and then on madman. We were shooting a serious dry. Seriously yes. Nuanced. Were it was it was great? It was really fun I think and I think it was It's Kinda helped me throughout the rest of my career, being able to go back and forth between those two modes, and also just like the hectic nature of it like it'll never be as crazy probably as it felt then Brian. Know exactly how been holding up by the way during this whole pandemic. You spent your time here in L. A. or were you? Yeah, Yeah David have been at our house in La and we're doing okay I. Think we're obviously very lucky so comparatively. We're doing great love our home and we love each other, which has proven to be the main thing that. Of break up season for a lot of people during this time, so that's good to know and I totally get. It seems like people are either breaking up or they're having babies, so are going hard and either direction. We're seeing the middle of the road. Where like you know what we're good things? Babies on the horizon. No, no, no, no, no okay I don't think so. We'll see what has done. So this is cool. I like the premise of your new movie called the rental..

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