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Dot com E. M. P. one eighty weight loss empowering a healthier you WTOP at one eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks in Maryland work some delays remain on the northbound Baltimore Washington parkway from two oh two headed toward for ten with the work set up in the left lane eastbound fifty the delay now but for a row Boulevard heading across the Severn river bridge the two left lanes get by the work thing getting across the bay bridge that's actually looking really good both lanes are open on the bridge no work today no delay the westbound span has the left lane blocked for two way traffic crap they are not running the two way traffic just yet but they are prepared just in case in two lanes westbound again without delay on route three delays in both directions headed toward four fifty south thought it was a single lane getting by the work that's the bigger back up before defense highway if you're headed north by you'll still see some of the back up the work was after fifty trying to head toward four fifty as well again with a single lane getting you by note ban T. seventy those delays are practically back to fatherly Boulevard headed past one twenty one a single lane should be getting by the work there in the district on New York Avenue L. between the third street tunnel and First Street it's a single lane today getting by that long term work this is causing delays on New York Avenue before the third street tunnel and inside the north down third street tunnel before Massachusetts Avenue China had onto New York Avenue here in Virginia it is eastbound sixty six inside the beltway the delay headed toward glebe road he single left lane gets by the codes of south on three ninety five delays or after seminary road toward Duke street that work in the left lane audible is here for you listen to new releases in every genre discover why millions of people are listening on audible every month and find out how to get your first audiobook free at audible dot com I read a counselor WTOP traffic well once again we have the clowns around and they're not going anywhere quite yet but the pattern is starting to break down temperatures will be in the mid to upper sixties today we've got a passing shower possible knows the day can be dry then we head into late this afternoon if you're south and west of my sixty.

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