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Like the it thing. So your cabbage patch doll was like the mosquito man people because I don't know anything about it. But you didn't know about the mosquito people my age in their forties. Remember the name of their cabbage Patch doll or baby? I'm just weird, but the story is about the NBC. Ah, lot of people are waiting and a lot of Teenagers getting their license for the first time like they're excited. They're getting their license. Obviously, they're getting it for the first time, but they're excited to get their license on DH there getting turned away and parents are camping out. That's their cabbage Patch story. That's what it is. 1 800 to 831 A 1.5. Let's go, Teo Caitlin in Flemington, You're on New Jersey one A 1.5 Hi, Caitlin. Hi. How are you guys? Good having, you know, you work at a dealership. I do? Yeah. Um, so throughout the whole covert thing Well, so, for the most part, you could do motor vehicle online with dealerships. Um With a certain program that you can use what you can do but our vehicle like you people played registration things like that Something because sent in, but that's a few and far between, so I they would've used off this entire time. But I get emails regularly from the state from the D. M V. And what I find interesting is that back in March, they gave everyone extensions on temporary tags. Um, driver's license renewals, instruction stations, stuff, everything like that. So I think they should be doing is everyone who expired back in March when the started should be able to go first and then Franklin out through that they either wouldn't extensions anyways. That makes sense. Yeah, Imagine that somebody makes sense and the government can't figure that out. Imagine Yeah, I find it really interesting. I mean, some people are still OK now like if your temporary tag or your driver's license your inspection on your car expires like Let's say in May, right You're still good until the end of July. Why not let people who was fired back when this whole thing started Go first. Yeah, agreed. I mean, and it takes nothing other than the look at your license or registration or whatever it is you renewing and go. Okay, You're you're march. So you come in. And how about putting that out? Everybody who expired needs something done from March, Come in. And then when that's all done, you know that you go to the next month, and now everybody who's Ah, April come in, makes sense. Imagine that. I understand. People are going to rush to the D m V. Not like you just opened to the public like Let's go get everything done right now. Get everything taken care of perfect. You know, we're golden. But It's not that so I give you expire on your license. No. Normally you go the month and it expires. Don't rush. You know, months before months after you, you know you planned it out. So just do it now shouldn't have to be waiting in line for hours Narrows Alice was to get turned away. When really, it's just, you know, thinking on your feet for two seconds. Yeah. Alright, Caitlin, you make a lot of sense. Thanks. So much for calling into New Jersey one a 1.5 and that's somebody making sense. Can you imagine, though, if you could do it on my like, maybe you're just not on low stomach. Most of can be that. Meanwhile, the driver's license in the registration can be done online. I would imagine if these air I don't know what they're doing other than getting new licenses. I What do you go to DMV takinyou. But Rich even said who called in last hour that Maybe he could have done online, but he couldn't figure it out. But can you imagine, like getting through and then for them to say to you? Sorry, we're not going to take you because you can do it online. Like I know that would stories that I've heard story. I've people waited. It got there, and they wouldn't That's really like, Let's say they're they direct you to be to go back on line like you have to do it That way. It wouldn't know. Yeah, maybe wouldn't surprise. Okay, okay, because I can't see that happening because You could do it either way. I mean, if you if you want to go wait in line. Go ahead. But you can renew your registration. See online, so that okay, That's a little reassuring. But can you imagine if that happened? It would be awful. Like you finally got up there in their legs. Sorry, or you hear those stories where it's like you're in line to, and then you finally get out there and they're like, Sorry. Line 10 or your time. Six and then line is twice as long in the other right. Like you got it. You know you did that. You know, when used to have people going postal it you're gonna have people going envy seal her sin. All right. 1 800 to 83101 point by Mary Anne Tyler. Bill Nick hang on the line on. I love the one person who dropped off. But he says it is anybody really surprised Like, why is this surprising? And I guess in the state of New Jersey we shouldn't be surprised, but for it to just be this bad and people wanting to vent their frustration. We understand that they want to get it out off their chest and like express how angry they are. Of how it was mishandled. Today, 1 800 to 8311.5 year call coming up. It's 8 30.

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