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A bad draft Akeem Olajuwon and then of course but we and then Michael Jordan Sam Perkins Charles Barkley dinner bell Mel Turpin Alvin Robertson was a great defender yeah John stocked in in there in the teens sixteenth overall so not bad not a bad first round small favors I think here is a look at one of the best drafts classes in the history of the NBA when you go Akeem the dream a hall of Famer and we got a sample we got hurt Michael Sam Perkins and under rated player Barkley Alvin Robertson was a good player Otis Thorpe Leon war do you know John Stockton was later in the draft number sixteen overall Vern Fleming I know in Indiana so I A. when you look at the top of it though to go a hall of Famer had one hall of Famer three hall of Famer at five that's a pretty good guard draft class that's one of the in it you're not just talking hall of Famer you're talking some of the best players that have ever played so but yeah I'd say Michael's a can't miss prospect please pretty good hi this is a great quote so in nineteen eighty four Bentley Bobby knight called Blazers GM Stu Inman ahead of the nineteen eighty four draft he said he just couldn't draft immensity just couldn't drop M. J. at the number two spot we need a centre night responded then draft Jordan and claim it center obviously the Blazers did not do that bad click check certain time and it was a different game obviously that much all the steps story weeks ago on the show yeah cause me Jordan was so good and that everything eighty four James Byrd Charles Barkley tells us yeah Charles Barkley and Bobby knight we're not going to peacefully I keep him down with a friend I'm gonna get along every rules I had Berkeley was break at this rate cut Charles Barkley of dead AT forty all right this is pretty funny rob Gronkowski in his time away from his brief time away from football did a lot of different things apparently he did a show for CBS in which celebrities do a bunch of different different things that are foreign to them old rob Gronkowski did rhythmic gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics so he was on his room call with person generally who we've had on before she comes the box for ESPN and then to kill a meals on the zoom call because they're going to do this virtual party so they so crunk here is talking about his appearance on the CBS show and rhythmic gymnastics where he actually makes up the work I had two hours of practice routine by Olympic gold medalists bye ladies out where superstar rhythmic gymnastic curse I think I just made up word but that's all right that's what I Jeff massacres I'm sorry right tell you that you've got a truck on my performance in your lucky we're not doing gymnastics warranty stop this is tell you this is all like this I just did random competitions while I was retired I'm getting a masters like that's injecting he doesn't understand and master all these random competition let me tell you a list of my football skills yes rhythmic gymnastics errors that's what he said yes classic so she mark was on a show that I am trying my daughter's boss produced for CBS and I guess the same show you're talking about yeah what's the name of Sean let me let me look it up real quick and it was on where he would it was a panel like Jerry and it was Venus Williams was on the other team is that it when we see here I've got it was here that actually was the worst show I've ever seen in my life Venus Williams say in some of the news with the bass Venus's Serena was Venus she didn't say a word the entire time that one word and it got the highest rating of any show and that's what said that's us is what we're doing here in quarantine J. O. on is what it's called James the name of the show yeah start rhythmic gymnastic Hirst Street yep and what I saw was the one I saw was she was in a Reger H. got on bikes against J. R. Smith I think J. R. Smith design team Venus and they had to keep the RPM's of the bike up to a hundred or more to drop below a hundred there was a water balloon above their head that would come down closer to the head and then ultimately you know because you start at a hundred you're fine and then you get tired rock was really good at it and J. R. Smith yes don't know the score J. R. Smith that guy he did not so and it was yes call game man right my daughter in law's actually produces a show for CBS as part of the James Gordon family he can it's still a great ratings but it was it was awful you know I'm looking I will give him credit he he's a hell of an athlete because I'm looking at this stuff he's a big dude and like he's grabbing his I mean he's the he's flight I yes I mean there's no way I mean this is crazy the reigning masters now he he does release yeah he's kind of like a modern day Alex Karras a little bit Mongo you know it's a little a little of that but if he's willing to do anything there's a great rhythmic gymnastic curse however even do that he thought it was he thought it was real he he he originally was calling it apparently ribboned gymnastics but they told me to read make not ribbon can you name the ribbons in the things there and knowledge and stuff but he's a good sport yeah he's a good sport I would say that for game not a game on the show all right let's see what she fears of it here I want you to to intro this next one you can do it a heck a lot better than I can well it's and Juneteenth as we were talking earlier I guess at the part of the reason I was going to the giants game that day may have been because type was away doing first birthday I don't even realize what it was but I was gonna do giants game eleven years ago today and I got a call early in the morning that my brother was gonna make it was.

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