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He still has a little bit of a challenge with the Hispanic culture. Too many folks that I know especially speaking family wise that he's connecting with Virginia is among fourteen states voting on March third. Buddha judge said if elected he will roll back immigration restrictions imposed under president trump for NPR news. I'm Daniela though. Meanwhile White House national adviser Robert. O'brien is denying. Us intelligence reports that Russia is interfering in the twenty twenty election to help get president trump reelected. I think this is a the same old story that we've heard before I I've seen the reports from that briefing at the Intel Committee. I wasn't there but I've I've seen no intelligence That suggests that I've also heard that From the briefers that that's not what they intended the the story to be. So look who knows what happened over at the House and the Intelligence Committee But I haven't seen any evidence Russia's doing anything to Attempt to get president trump reelected speaking their. Abc's this week with more than one hundred fifty corona virus infections and three deaths. Italy now has the largest number of cases outside Asia forcing authorities to ban public gatherings in a bid to limit the area of disease clusters in northern Italy have here's Silvio Jolie reports authorities say. None of the new cases have apparent links to the origin of the outbreak. In Asia on Jill Bora L. E. Head of the National Civil Protection Agency expressed frustration telling reporters health officials have not yet been able to pinpoint patient zero. The clusters emerged suddenly the northern regions of lamberti invented going from three cases to more than one hundred in just a few days officials in Lamberti. The hardest hit have shuttered schools. Universities Museums and movie theaters suspended all sporting events and even banned religious ceremonies in churches for at least one week. The governor of the Venuto region Luca Zaia announced suspension of the major tourist event in Venice. The famed Carnival which was to have run through Tuesday and can draw more than one hundred thousand people daily so Pohjola. Npr News Rome. Asian markets are trading lower at this hour the Asia Dow down just over one percent. You're listening to NPR news. From Washington the jury deliberations in the Harvey Weinstein raped trial. Continue for a fifth day tomorrow on Friday. The judge told jurors to keep deliberating after they sent a note. Asking if they could be deadlocked on some counts but unanimous on others judge. James Burke said no to the request. Even though Weinstein's lawyer said they would take a partial verdict. The case involves accusations from two women but the 67-year-old Weinstein says any sexual contact was consensual. The pilot who flew the helicopter that crashed in Los Angeles County last month killing basketball legend Kobe. Bryant and eight others have been disciplined for a weather related violation five years ago. That's according to the Federal Aviation Administration as Hettie. Lynne hurt he's reports..

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