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If ball of go down even if they go dunker down to persuade color. To come to ask them. I think what's more possible than than than some of this may know benign an Aston Villa's house going mild is a very different thing than benign bullets. So prove. Their own stores that all storms on another position I think strike and get one stronger and y position. Dwight McNeil from Burnley Rob a little bit of quality from the white positions to feed in to play with the real issues McGee. Nobody helps to feed that proven Stryker if you get him about a million and. Seven assists for Norwich City goals. Seven assists is the joint fourth best in the primarily twenty three years of age, and he's been a little bit hot and cold, grunted, but a plan I think given another chance to in a club like. Villa could do all right so I wanted to Athens unproven primarily plays. It's GONNA kill one mournfully baseline. Get your reaction will move. On to narrate. No season-long Lung. Christian Pulisic. Plays every week Lindsay's trade wanted to big football club. Forty five thousand can afford. If you all stays in the mistakes. He's not going to get drugged out season. Long loan souls, because yeah, it's and it's not an awful for I. Just I would worry that the villa even next season when they stay up. Yeah won't be doing nothing silk enough an. A bomb half struggle again. A little bit I don't know if they listen to us and do the day was and they should be okay. I thought I thought you were going to go and I did think about this Playa. With what you're! GonNa go Christian Ben. Tech Guy Bronx Villa Park proven. I. Saved salutes. Yeah Not City. was. Hoping the League amendments in its way. Juve eighteen eighteen gang blocks the most of any twenty five goals school anybody Leoni one away win all season games against lots of Voss in welcome Chelsea months waste. Than Fall, RUPP I think he's great principles, I mean he's a good football man. If imagine there about no. Nothing hustle. These addition coach in there with the ride replay, it read the game. Be Too much all and wants to play while annoying police. It's about gaining saying the league fifty four months. Yeah, I think I. Think what we've seen him. Noise City Rob. It's interesting to see it. They try to play their way Amazon any money. They brought loans in I. Think in January. They spent no money I'm trying to do. With with good young players, there's no question they're gonNA. Have a job keeping over some of that players like you said some of those Phillip Are You. Do you do have to spend some money to stay in this division? An allude to the numbers roll over the last three years their netspend. They've made money. There are surplus about fifty million dollars. They they. They are not spending. Any kind of fees, really transfers new players what they can go into I. Mean I haven't picked north set. You're going to go down. I. Lose? WHO THEY'RE GONNA, get all I would say is. Going to go down and I think they will do I. Count suggest these guys. They're going to go back to where they being before. They want young coach. Able footballers with your tential. That's what they've done before. Weber's director football. They're very smart guy to the next job at how does now at Norwich City? That's what he's going to look for a navy being before to Germany and to Scotland Rubio. You know they're going to look for those different markets. They're going to be good. Great context of course Germany that that's where they're gonNA. Go. ICON suggests those players. There's no point me as trying to pick out primitive place to go for north. Because I think they're going to go down. Tim Tim. McKee as I still I still like him. A Lot. It's players. If I looked in of the cup I, still con- alike it but. Good enough in abundance team to survive in the premier league so that's. They would have made lot money my friend. Payments going forward now they they should have played the huge debts that I know that they had come into this season. With the money that they've made haven't spent much of it, and I guess I'd MoD the way they've tried to do it while they've been blocked up part the bus they've tried to be if we've got some good days. And some some good results, good performances and some outstanding results, but hasn't been good enough and. Yeah I think that's what they're going gonNA. Look for next season. Tons of rebuilding little bit 'cause plans to go think the won't involvement and obviously the financial restraints that come out of not been playing in in code. Of losing plans I think Movie, said the Bundy. Midfield approved Piedmont be. Toby can down to your changle? In the season, somebody's GonNa take not so difficult transfer. Controllers as we talk about settling. WHO's he city to go down? Mosley Knowledge Villa. Am Brian with walk as a possibility. If I'm going to suffer one outside, yeah, I I always try and stick we. We do preseason ones and my preseason ones were you cuss united. Yeah, I'm going to be wrong there. They've really surprised me. They stayed up. On similar to you I had. Aston Villa. I'm Brian so I'm going to go so I was knowledge. Yeah I think so. I have no. I think the same as you know, edge villa from wipe. And brightened. Broadly outside of that news you worry with. On you about westbound? What's it onus? Worry about borth. I worry about Burma Throb I know that David Brooks when I bust players is coming back from injury. During the bomb three right now they've lost throughout the last four. Again show sure good manager then, Eddie, how in and it's unfair because we did doom last last week now. Of injuries of difficult, but I would wait for them, but I'm still going for Knowledge Villa I'm Brian. Giving the Games they've got. They got a very difficult run. I think they'll just go down with your shame because I like Grandpa to. Do! At broughton album absolutely really must up. There are five days to go and council restall Host Shafie Nine Months when also that evening John next to of his focused opted this team. Two Games mental will listen and people watching join.

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