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To the Howie Carr Show. The number is eight for 4 542 42 8 for four or 542 42. It was another big day for Joe Biden. After he completed his telephone call. I'll excuse me his Video chat. He confused the telephone call with a virtual appearance in front of some black and Hispanic journalists. And it was It was quite a performance. Quite a performance. Wouldn't you agree, Grace. I actually said to tail her today, I said, where? Where was that clip from? Of Joe Biden and Taylor said his basement. Where do you think it was from? He's just been in his basement. Everything's coming from that basement. And it was bad. I actually thought today. The cut, which was in the introduction is probably worse than the one from yesterday. Are you a junkie that that's a tough one to wear as well? But there was something about today's that was I don't know. It really give you an insight into which line so condescending? Yeah, and that's kind of that's the level. His pandering is out where it's not just enough for him to pander to a certain group. He has to disparage another group to make the group. He's pandering to feel as though he really cares about them. And it's like a mean girl in high school, so you can't just be nice to me. You have to talk about someone else. It's really bad. He's just been looking. But One thing that did come up, Howie. So yesterday I mentioned to you that I noticed that Joe Biden does this thing where health started sentence and then he'll say I shouldn't go into that. I shouldn't talk about that. And then, like they were reading my mind Free beacon. One of those poor people at free Begin. I don't know how they deal with this went through all of Joe Biden's footage, don't you think? Grace. I'm not giving away any trade secrets here. But don't you think Like us, they have the numbers of the Trump campaign. Don't you think they maybe got a few helpful suggestions? I'm just saying purely from a cutting audio stands. This must have been painful to create. This is a montage of Joe Biden basically every single time saying I shouldn't go into that. Well as I joke with them, You know, I shouldn't say I'm going to say something. I know. I probably shouldn't say. Well, I tell you what, Uh,.

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