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You got twenty minutes to call us up a six six two four six eight nine two three one a devil, your pay once again. Lilia Rodrigue is from Long Beach. Call us up big boy. Kiss. From way back way. Sheets nuts, but I never went away. Even when. Just never must love only go by prayed. Make. Vs. That's why I need one. One more time. I need. Time. Tiger. Kiss. Strengthen guidance all my friends. Nobody makes it for my ends. I had side, you'll know by me. Thanks. Bye. I don't spend time. No time and I need a one. More time. Scene. One more time. Ninety two. First ever real street. Goes in a bit. He worked real street. No masterpiece Tampa than me. One bed like a masterpiece, look like an athlete. Big Joe what you call me. Be like Ajay scape some bad day arrest revenue. Athletes, asking me. I'm not mad at me in a coup. Was like Trump, Elaine six breakout. Put it on the triple Bayne Canada. But I see a lot of teams. What? The club club. No method. Big ten bad, bad. One bad like a masterpiece. Big call. Open stars in. Trying to back to back to back. Down. Beckham. Somebody got shot. Would you tell them about Willis would? Which I. Furniture, the dirty money. No masterpiece. Me, one bad, masterpiece athlete. What you. You got. No. Catch caught slapped. Get get some leper running enough. Lane. Jamie. Mickey won't take you spend a fit. They hit the same, where the whole team keeping snaking. They buy them the wind up on. No masterpiece ten than me one bed. Like a masterpiece.

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