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Governor richardson appreciate you being with us we've got to take another quick break when we come back the latest from here also the latest on the president's economic adviser larry cudlow ben putting off buying new glasses xeni optical offers a huge variety of high quality stylish frames and state of the art optics starting at just six dollars and ninety five cents we've got all the great frame styles you want and materials like titanium carbon fiber in high luster acetate plus xeni offers prescription glasses and sunglasses so this great price you can build your eyewear wardrobe you can get ten percent off your entire order with code three six zero so visit xeni z e n n i today at any optical dot com and use code three six zero as we have for president trump and kim jong un to meet here in singapore we're also falling word out of washington on the president's chief economic adviser larry cudlow the president just moments ago tweeting that kudlow has suffered a heart attack is being treated at walter reed medical center jeff zeleny joins us once again jeff obviously very surprising disturbing news about about mr kudlow no question anderson surprising news and it is indeed taking a white house aides and staffers you're traveling with the president by surprise as well but you saw the president tweeting that out i'm told that this is an example of its almost certainly not the president tweeting this himself but one of his advisors who's with him tweeting us under his hundreds handle if you will but mr pillow is the president's chief economic adviser has been on board at the white house since early april and really has been at the president's side and the forefront of his economic policy and trade and tariff policy we last saw him on state of the union here on cnn on sunday he was extremely worked up about what happened at the g seven some white house aides thought he was actually uncharacteristically worked up by that we have no reason or idea to know if that was related to his condition right now but we do know that he's walter reed medical center just outside of washington so the president obviously keeping an eye on that might be slightly unusual that he he tweeted out that news.

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