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In case you're wondering, that lineup that I just mentioned to you, all but Smith have appeared in an actual All-Star Game. And by all measures, projected stats, you know, you see that in fantasy pages. Projected stats. The projected on base percentage for that team is three 20, meaning 32%, one third of the time, they will get on base. Last year, that would place this Dodgers lineup with that lowest projected on base percentage, 12th, highest in Major League Baseball, and of the 18 teams below them would be the world champion Atlanta Braves. And it's the 8th highest slugging percentage for 28, which is their lowest projection. That would be the 8th highest in Major League Baseball last year. Now, the question obviously is who's going to pitch, you got walker Bueller, Julio urias, Gonzalez, Andrew heaney. The last Southern California can't quit him. And then who knows about Trevor Bauer? So Dave Roberts is going to join us first and Clinton Kershaw's back online. Oh, that's right, Clayton Chris Shaw's back on a one year deal. So Clayton Kershaw is in that mix too, clearly. My bad. So look, here's the deal. Here's the deal. Here's the deal. Okay, this man knows it. Who's about to join it? It's World Series or bust. It's World Series of bust if they don't care about whatever luxury tax that they're paying to Salud as they say in The Godfather, good for you. You got to win the World Series. You got to make it. You got to win it. And then just perfect example here of what's going on in Major League Baseball that the collective bargaining agreement did not fix is you've got one group like the Los Angeles Dodgers with money coming out of there. You know what? And they're spending it. And then up the road in Oakland, mad Olson let's send him let's home grow him even though he's from Atlanta. Let's send him back to Georgia. Let's send him home. And then Matt Chapman. He's gone too. We'll send him to Toronto, and this is a team that's been that plucky a's team that's been winning more games than not and all of a sudden it's like, oh gosh, they're the ones in the west driver's seat who knew? They're going to do it again. They're going to have to do it again and start with guys. You've never heard of and one team is just like selling them off and other team is selling out tickets. So okay, Dave Roberts is up first Todd mcshay with his we're going to check in on how his mock draft is all settling in as free agency is pieces are beginning to land. Max Crosby will join us in hour number three. He's got a new teammate and Chandler Jones out there in Vegas. And then right in the middle of the program, Paul Pierce will join us. You as well, 8 four four two O four rich, but let's beat it on out of Dodge, so the Dodgers manager can join us. We'll get to break right now. So we'll get to break so we can get to Dave Roberts relatively on time. Meanwhile, Michigan's down three, nothing. Oh my God. March Madness has begun. Will she reveal our final four later on? Let's take a break, we're.

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