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It's not not just women but men to that if you're going to be out there and you're going to be putting yourself out there and especially talking about vulnerable topics that just to me. I i get a little nervous for those for those individuals will even discussing astronomy sometimes i've i've kind of wished i didn't have my own voice <music> out there because you stayed an opinion about almost anything in someone's gonna get mad at you and and so we have to draw others lines for ourselves and figure out am i a username am on my own name. Do i have my photo out. There and it's important that there are some people who are far enough along in their career secure enough in their own safety that they can be out author bhai name to serve as role models to say here is the road i have fledged and deer young person who has starting with such great enthusiasm username be safe behind a username and it's in having the senior role models that i think our current generation can really benefit benefit. We wrote ground in this field more than ten years ago. We've made every single mistake mistake. That's a perfect and so now now that we've made every single mistake and we've accidentally <hes> registered websites under there are home address and made the mistake of every mistake that can be made has been made already. Let's just be out there and be honest and say the things that we've done wrong and be those lessons learned for these new people coming up and new the people coming up. Protect your identity intel. You decided that being a podcasters what you want your identity to be for the rest of your life 'cause once your face namer out there. All your audience is on the internet archive..

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