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E give you did you? Did you o d a on CBS sports radio. It is not their strength when the owner steps down and pass to the team off to his daughter, Kevin has to protect himself and his crew. It's the crew storing Kevin James, premiering February 15th. Only on Netflix. Was coming up on Monday. By the way, Valentine's Day is Sunday. And then you have Monday President's Day. And that is when the crew is going to debut. Unfortunately, looks like Kevin James unable to join us on the show this week, we thought that maybe he would come through to promote this, but instead He's not gonna be able to do so. But we still have some goodies for you in honor of this, And so you can follow me on instagram for those goodies on Instagram. Follow me Act Damon. Um Endo. For the Goody's Act. Damon Um Endo, speaking of Sierra Goodies, goodies goodies. On Twitter, DEA on CBS. Mac and Bear Tweets Day. I'm so tired after a work out to eat anything for several hours more as is a machine big props to more as Yeah. Billy McGill. Akani tweets. Oh, come on rise. You know you're smashing a frosty in there, too. With that huge Wendy's order. Unnecessarily true, Milky Nous doesn't necessarily go post work out the way chicken and protein do. But you have a lot of cheese and ranch on that chicken Sando. Well. Written is ranch dairy. Oh, my What do you think makes a white and creamy. I know it. It looks like Gary. But there's that ranch seasoning that we could use the spice things up. That has nothing to do with dairy. I just okay, That's the that's the seasoning. What do you think the White Glove is? I mean, I don't know, honey milk. I don't know what's mixed in there. Okay, well, milk milk would be the dairy part. Yeah, but I think it's even if it was milk involved, which is weird to think, because, like Mayo's white that's not dairy. I would assume that the red seasoning cuts it a little bit. You know where it's not. The same is the sweetness of the frost. Ranches main ingredient of sour cream. And sour cream is dairy. What's so funny about that? What is so funny? Oh, God. What do you think sour cream is? I've never made shower criminal teach great on tacos and stuff. I never I don't view sour cream it like a desert, you dairy product of the breakfast, the desserts, not stuff used for lunch and dinner. That's kind of the way I define it. She used to have to milk the cows in the rain. Yeah. Sour cream. The cream. The cream part is the dairy part cream dairy on the cream and not the sour. The sour part doesn't make it sweet. So therefore it's not the same is the very what do you think I scream? Having ice cream is do you think I scream is just me the milk. Heavy cream mixed with milk and sugar. And whatever other flavoring you would cream part. Are you getting the cream part sour cream heavy cream. Ryan as usual. Your focus on the wrong thing. Sweet doesn't make it dairy. It's dairy because it's milk. Whether it's sweet or not. It's still dairy, So the sour part doesn't change the dairy nous of sour cream. The sour park and make it like, Ironically, it looks like cream, but we know it's not really cream because you know there's no irony here. Something like, ironically, there is there stuff like that. I don't miss plenty of black toast intolerant people that could douse our brain but can't have milk or ice cream or stuff. Cream will rise to the crop. You find a lot of lactose intolerant people that are smashing sour cream your other laws lactose intolerant. He loves Mexican food and sour cream. Well, how heavy is he? And how much of digestion does he have? No, we didn't surrounds Daniel's brother. He's like £112 soaking weapon. You can have ice cream. It was it's a problem. Well, okay, but you have sour cream without it without blinking. Does he eat an entire bowl? Sour cream? Does he put sour cream in a cone and lick it? Oh, I see what you're saying. So it's because it's a topping..

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