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Fucking around man's Zack Morris. You're better. Afflicted. We he man. I always up this episode with the token black friend. Yeah, exactly. Showed up not guy. Oh, that's Korey Coleman. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, like I'm dating only black girl on the sofa a little while before I have to go back out of town. Yes, you know, like the girl tells me she's like, we can't get together until you solve your drug problems. The very special episode shit you into the darkest. One back like today that looks corneas book. Like what ninety show back then I would have been the drug dealer. Oh, yeah, for sure. Yeah. Doing around these books. You're the kid that bullied Will Smith. BelAir. I'm the only drug dealer. This set in office chair. Reading the. We're, what does this photo shoot though? What are you? Why are you posing with the was a newspaper. Okay. Let me see. It's I'm lightheaded on that. Let me see here. Oh, somebody and we, we went off like, put that picture up, somebody found it, and then. We start talking about Martin and I thought I was going to be the one that's getting roasted, but we still couldn't stop talking about Martin's full denim suit that he wore back in the day. Do you ever talk about that home? You remember that shit. Listen, I'm sorry. But Martin Hilmi Marin head. He, he had the reason why the because he had a denim shirt on that was tucked into denim pants and they all matched. It's a lucky had one one one piece. On them sneakers. In the. Baddie Martin o. here's here's a sitcom right here..

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