France, Director, Broome discussed on The Empire Film Podcast - #285: Daniel Radcliffe, Jason Isaacs, Gerard Butler


Coming from wrong your jimbo we got to friday which when the podcast goes out yet didn't have a single guest on the podcast no and we would just calling around please please friend of empire come onto the bulk of the earth tonight was thursday night because we had no guests lined up the podcasts were good we usually we book things like a few weeks sometimes even a few months nansen the podcast before whatever reason something hadn't happened for october and we decide complete the screwed the pooch and god bless france's lead the director of god's and country uh for agreed to come in the podcast or actually we went to him we went yorkshire to visit am to do that and also you andrianopoulos the week yes and there was that we had to guests from from famine to feast it was amazing so i guess in an attempt to not repeat stats i for saying yes to everybody who's been coming into london i but just grabbing people of the streets an interview in him so that's why this week we have three guests on the podcast is why we have a david painter special is why we're going to have a red dwarf special we may have a fence fallen special because brolin cell that do not is out this week but we don't of broome for him on the podcast i hope you justify now because he'll stomach my face so that's what we have three guest this week we have three minimum next week and it'll settled and other fine there is as we speak barbecue if i had the celebrities out banging on the door wanted i'm going to be interviewed it's yes it's squint at bruehl in in podcast studio is two point nine it is kinda works funding for sticks kind of works skipped i everyone we've go is really exciting i think yeah now it's safe lots of big names times but.

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