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Indiana are all about. This is your eye HS, A Not there has a look at the road North side Hammer eastbound 4 65 stops completely in jail right now, after 8 65 over the Meridian Street because of two semi crashes. First one is at Michigan Road, and that's going to people like you to left. The land here and second semi crash is around Meridian Stream That's semi his leaking fuel. I have been told so we have stopped traffic running. After 8 65 over to Meridian Street because of these two semi fresh is westbound 4 65 out of Meridian also stumped over to ditch because of rubbernecking downtown in about 65. We have a crisis here in the construction zone at Meridian's three pen that's blocking the right lane stuff and go back to West Street traffic, sponsored by Indiana donor Network one organ and tissue donor can save eight lives. And you'll 75 more sign up today at driven the same lines. Donna work I'm bad Bear followers on Twitter for instant traffic updates the Wi VC traffic right now. Cloudy skies 87 of the American Standard Cooling Weather Center 93. W E B C G I Joe Jason Hammer is here. Chad Benson and Dina last coming up. After seven o'clock We're Rick Rolling, Baby. What have Rick Astley actually wanted to give you up?.

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