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So just give me the one like quick overview of what's going on with you too, because it seems more controversial more problem oriented than most people might suspect it think. The interesting thing with YouTube is that people are paying attention to it. So I think these issues of always been there, especially with creators doing ludicrous things that's been going on since the dawn of YouTube, but suddenly because of disturbing children's content and the alt-right being on YouTube and kind of YouTube terrible recommendation algorithm and the radicalization. You've got a lot of people paying attention to it. And I think you to wasn't aware that this many people were suddenly paying attention to them or their creators. So they're trying to figure out how to put on a good PR face while fixing their platform. Well, quote, unquote, fixing their platform, what's broken with the platform. So the number one issue I think is what we've seen in conversation while as the recommendation algorithm, it's radicalizing so many people. I spoke to a lot of kids, for example, who came up through gamer gate. There were like thirteen fourteen when gamer gate. I happened in like twenty fourteen who are now eighteen nineteen and they were saying YouTube. Is the main reason that they believe loss of. They believed because they would watch video from like someone like Sargon, and that would give them recommendations into this whole era of people or area. People rather disturbing. And it's just opinions mytalk high school teachers a lot. And it's like the kids that we talked to. They just use you to infer news. They're getting really bad sources to backup their opinions. So I think that's the most disturbing part of you to in. It's not swing. They know how to fix. It's not something it's they're interested in fixing. It's just not something they're capable fixing. I think that's a Google problem, not just a u two problem whether you think they're not capable of fixing, I think you've been trying some things, right? They're doing things in different ways. I think the Wikipedia links there now adding or adorable, and their way through moon landing happened. I remember I won't. I won't name names at CS one year end of the day long day, everyone's having a drink, and I just remember suddenly the conversation became about whether or nine eleven was an inside job is like he do. What are you talking like? I, I was an adult when that happened. That was one hundred percent real. I promise you in every journalist in America would be chasing that story forever if it hadn't yet. But he's like, while I watch YouTube videos and I just remember thinking to myself, oh, this is like a lot. There is a moment with kyri Kyrie Irving. He's on stage somewhere and they brought up the fact that Kyrie believe the earth was flat and he very explicitly said, I was watching him on YouTube videos, and I got into this whole and it's like, yeah, you too. It's super easy to find something in. It starts off really fun with like, oh, is the moon landing? Real gonna watch conspiracy, but you. But that quickly becomes topics that aren't as ludicrous that are even scarier. See us keywords like liberals feminism or. Or conservatives. And it gets into scary territory where people have spent twenty spend a day, formulating a very well put twenty minute argument that is based on bad faith and it travels well and then spreads to Twitter threats to Instagram. And it's like this cross promotional thing. And I don't think YouTube knows how to stop people from gaming their system which is upsetting. And that's the conversation with creators a lot where they out. Thank you to all the time abusive tags abuse of metadata is something that websites are aware of, and YouTube doesn't know to fix it. And it's like the most blatant issue that is facing a lot of creators is like they'd just put in however many tags they want. You could put Google or Android into a YouTube search and you're going to get far right conspiracy theories. Yeah, because people just realize that you're searching for enjoying the game that previously, it's funny because on main Google search, they know about the issue games. Yeah, in YouTube is the second biggest. Search engine in the world may appear not to and owned by Google. It's funny joke I kept using was that up until eighteen months ago, Google forgot YouTube existed. And then suddenly they were like, oh, there's a lot of problems with YouTube..

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