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Reporter has hazards and apparently some of stepping on tracy mcgrady gum there you got last but not least we've waited a couple years to ask you the tracy one way to you're comfortable on this show we've heard of the nba tv soup pants i would like to know what you were thinking when you first tried this on in your hotel room back in two thousand thirteen because i knew i was going to be about bit behind a desk i was like i hope i don't have to stand up and have a segment all of a sudden you say we're going to like oh man so the story behind this suit is as you know when we're in the lee we have a bunch of you know stylus trying to come to us to be style so they'll give us a free suit well i'm at home i knew i was about to do this appearance so i just grabbed one out of my closet thanking one of my long behold it was pants about the jacket also i mean that was style but that was an extreme version of that style if you go back and look at the guys there there are always look good that's all i got to stay together i mean not saw ways been fit those pants were obviously not for me there for shack the i first one seat now for this entire segment visits been laughing at tracy it's cardinal it's cardinal him to in the next thing that we will have what were you thinking for vince carter said say tune for that because i might have a question for you about what you were thinking on this play right here we'll discuss better have what is the footage that they'd better had his foot colin with this the corner dagger into the heart of the toronto rafter quarter is a corner.

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