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Bloomberg one those 61 to san francisco bloomberg 960 under round the globe the bloomberg radio app and bloombergradiocom this is glue good daybreak europe all other the show it's just on eight thirty a m and the city of london it's nine thirty a m if you're listening in in paris on manus granite and on caroline heck if i could morning we take the markets for you every fifteen minutes helping greatest so european stokes heading to the longest winning streak in almost a month way out five sessions innova soaked six hundred half an hour entertain any trading this morning gains half of one percent the footsie100 up four tenths of one percent does that jeopardise gains almost one percentage point and the cat count is up four tenths of one percent say european stocks that certainly in the green all three had a strong session in asia in terms of the bone markets this morning the benchmark adjustment ben yield gains just not a no point three six percent us 10year nights yielding two point three eight percent also up almost a basis point where anticipating of course us jobs on friday the name of the fed chad nominee from president trump and also the tax plan foam republicans on thursday said plenty to look out for the week ahead of don't forget to have a look commodities very interesting moves higher for both culpa a nickel nicol hit a twoyear high yesterday traffica glencore they're really focused on election 'cause that's what was driving nickel but then some question marks from some bloomberg rights is about whether it's a bit too soon to be out of domestic savings of the commodity blair's this jesse now you can fifty percent demand uplift let's get you read headlines banks of what we do best here at bloomberg and standard chartered well not delivery operating income three point five nine billion dollars the market a pencil and three point six force and not a good flashinthe pan for mr bill winter's it's been a tough old time there for three years from china's bank around it lost five billion dollars in revenue over the past three years pretax pro off at seven hundred seventy four million dollars pretax profit i'd pencilled in on the estimates eight hundred sixty one so that is a mess on the pretax amiss on the operating level yes indeed pretax profit eight hundred fourteen million the market a president eight.

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