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I like to associate that pain and visualize. This is a signal to my body to build these muscles or this part of my body. So that pain, for me anyway, it's not like feeling bad. It's a positive that. Yep, I've told my body to develop this part. Make this part stronger. Yeah, and I think there we need to differentiate between short term effect and a long term effect. And it's much harder for us to really enjoy the long-term benefit in that moment, because we actually actively have to visualize that benefit because we don't feel in that moment. In that moment, it's pain. It's a lot of hard work, and we don't want to do it. And that's not very rewarding. But what is rewarding is assumed we kind of bring it in front of our eyes of what this actually will accomplish for us in the long term, I believe. Yeah. I think there's a big role there that helps you. Well, it goes back to the emotion, right? If you are, if I'm just focusing near term on men, that's burning, and that burning is getting worse and worse. That's one way of interpreting it that is going to weaken the habit or cause that behavior to never become a habit. Things that are painful, things that are awkward, things that make us feel stupid or less than do not become habits. Yeah, we can browse in ourselves into doing it. We can hire people to force us to do it and so on. But to become a habit, it has to be something that helps us feel successful. So and my own little hack. I don't know, fathers talk about this. Is that sensation of pain that burn? Which at my age, you know, 58 man, muscle mass, and that kind of resistance training is really important. And so I don't interpret that negatively. I reassign that to am good for you BJ..

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