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Hey guys. Welcome . to not another anxiety show I'm your host. . Kelly Walker, , and joining me today is guest Lisa. . Manning highly suck I Kelly. . Thank you so much for taking time to hop on the show today yet. . Thank you for inviting me in that. . Really excited about this. . Now. . Do you mind if I share a little bit more about you with our audience before we get started on a police do think. . Perfect. . Lisa, , manning is a certified coach and digital nomad who is currently traveling around the Oregon coast. . She is an Army combat veteran and champion for removing barriers to a mental health care. . Prior to her bag balm lifestyle Lisa had a history of anxiety panic agoraphobia an OCD. . After moving pasture struggle, , she went back to school to earn her graduate degree in. . Psychology. . Lisa now works as a coach to help others move past their anxiety panic in phobias using evidence based cognitive behavioral approaches such as mindfulness based stress, , reduction, , and acceptance, and , commitment therapy. . You can find Lisa at panic and phobia coach dot com or newly on instagram. . Score panic. . Underscore phobia underscore coach. . Hopefully, , I said that right because I am also instagram. . I know. . Yes. . Thank you. . I am also new to the INSTAGRAM. . So still still figuring things out here. . Yes, , me too and I just love it because <hes> I was really resistant to the change and I like it better than the other platforms I've used before. . It's fun right I mean you can do polls and questions and really it's just a nice way to interact with people it is. . And I was telling you totally stole one of your memes about <hes> lavender a few weeks. . That's such a good one, , and so drew I would have done anything any magic crystal rock anything to get rid of it. . He. . Space right even if it meant bathing in lavender. . Exactly. . I must've had all those tiny diffusers around the house doing Eucalyptus lavender <hes> like to in the bedroom for in the kitchen it was does yeah essential oils look you. . Lava rocks lamps. . Oh. . God and I mean I love essential oils but me too I had on. . Eucalyptus. . Eucalyptus I had the house and my husband's like I'm getting like daily Migraines. . We can't do this. . Anymore. . Sharona. . Exactly. . Yeah. . So you mentioned that at its worst <hes>, , you would have done almost anything to make anxiety go away and I. . Totally I'm with you on that I used to say listen I will just give up one of my kidneys means I don't have to struggle with anxiety like you can have it for free really I felt like I'll do just about anything <hes> do you mind sort of telling us a little bit about what anxiety did look like at its worst for you? ? Yeah <hes>. . So, , looking back I had. . Anxiety but didn't knows anxiety for most of my life. . <hes>. . Then I had my first panic attack in my early twenties and I think we all remember our first panic attack him when we think we're gonNA, , another side of it. . Yes. . Yes. . And <hes> from that point on it was Kinda like became this mission to discover what was wrong with me. . And when they kept telling me, , it was anxiety I'd say, , no I am anxious because there's something wrong with me and you cannot figure it out you know and that's that's anxiety inducing and so. . You know that that mission defined what was wrong with me that tensely join about life <hes> off and on anxiety and panic attacks. . Culminated in <hes> what I call my dark year of the homebound soul. . That's a good name. . Mesfin homebound ranks. . Can. . You say it one more time for us. . Dark Year of the homebound soul. . Yeah that's Quite, , an accurate picture I'd say at least from my experience too. . Yeah, , exactly. It . just happened <hes>. . You know it it happened quickly and also slowly where my world began to shrink as I avoided and avoid it. . Yeah, , I'm really like <hes>. . It was now not driving on freeways now I'm not driving now I'm not leaving the house now I'm not leaving my bedroom you know and it just kinda shrink and shrink until I. . Really just wasn't getting out of that. . And <hes> I mean it was really just five ten panic attacks day even while just laying in bed <hes> intrusive thoughts de personalization. . Nightmares I try and give myself a break and take a nap and I'd have a nightmare and wake up panicking again and it was just. . <hes> is fears of losing touch with reality and. . You know just all of the anxiety and panic. .

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