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This movement where we spread the word like the original colonists. It. Through the pamphlet, tears, and I hope you'll view and treat on freedom of the press exactly that way. Exactly that way. It's less than twenty bucks. But I think it's worth a whole lot more. If in fact, we can have an effect and have some serious influence on our future here. Fort lauderdale. CBS miami. Shortly after being fired today by the Broward sheriff's office. Former deputy Scott Peterson was arrested by the department of law enforcement for his actions. It should say inactions during, and after the mass shooting at Marjory, stoneman Douglas, high school and parkland. And by the way, I want to salute the government governor Disentis because if it wasn't for him this sheriff wouldn't be the Broward County sheriff. Charlie after taking commanded the department Broward sheriff, Gregory, Tony focused an internal investigation on seven deputies to determine whether their actions at MSG high school on February fourteen twenty eighteen comply with Broward sheriff's office standards. Today. Tony announced the termination of Peterson and sergeant Brian Miller were found neglected their duties. We cannot fulfil our commitment to our all to always protect the security, and safety of our Broward County community doing a thorough assessment at what went wrong that day, Tony said in a statement and committed to addressing deficiencies and improving the Broward sheriff's office. Petersen's arrest came as a result of a fifteen month investigation into the actions of law enforcement following the shooting. He's being charged with seven counts of neglect of a child. Three counts of culpable negligence and one count of perjury. The FBI investigation shows former deputy Peterson did absolutely nothing to mitigate the shooting that killed seventeen children, teachers and staff and injured seventeen others said Commissioner Rick swear agen in a statement, there can be no excuse for his complete inaction and question that his inaction cost lives. I don't get it. There's a cop with a gun standing there. He hears one round after another being fight total of one hundred and fifty he not only runs away from the scene. But he urges other police officers running toward the scene. The stand back. This guy was a really bad apple during the investigation, FDLE agents interviewed one hundred eighty four witnesses reviewed countless hours of video surveillance and wrote two hundred twelve investigative reports totaling over eight hundred hours on the case. To determine the actions of law enforcement as they respond to the school shooting. I was pleased, the Florida Department of law enforcement in conjunction with the state attorney's office conducted a thorough investigation that yielded the arrest of Scott Peterson all the facts related to Mr. Peterson's failure to act during the massacre, clearly warned about termination of employment and criminal charges said the new sheriff. Peterson was the school resource officer at the high school during the shooting. The investigation shows he refused to investigate the source of gunshots retreated during the act of shooting, while victims were being shot and directed other law enforcement who arrived on the scene to remain five hundred feet away from the building. Peterson was arrested at the Broward sheriff's office headquarters in booked in the Broward County main jail. Six of the seven child neglect, charges are second degree felonies and carry maximum penalty of fifteen years in state prison. The seven challenge charges. A third degree felony because the child was not severely injured with a maximum penalty of five years in prison. The perjury charges. A first degree misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of one year in jail. The three charges of culpable negligence or second degree misdemeanors with a maximum penalty of sixty days in jail. MSG parent. Fred Gutenberg, whose daughter, Jamie was killed in the massacre tweeted, I have no comment, except to say rot in hell, Scott Peterson. You could've saved some of the seventeen you could have saved my daughter.

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