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Look around and see someone bushwack. I'm gonna make contact with bushwack whole stadium dead silent like disk and then the cameras there you go. That's our thought here as a charger chat thank you richard carroll or asking the question and last but not least we go out of as bolt fan with our old favorite coach. Lago who asked the question. You coach hugging cupboard. Closure kosher come out. We're all french secret for record ball soup. Bowl jaw wanted issues. In new era bolts flip bow. Gosh baronet show where we will wait from being a show. What supplier and how much of the game. Janse remember kitty bob she. I'll sunday seed coach logging. We read eye shit dude. We're we're hopping on that five north bolt. That's right we're gonna get our on there. We're gonna ride up drake all the way we're gonna thunder rally meet people. We're going to go in the game or the game. I don't know. I hope i've member i'm gonna take a lot. I'm going to just pound waters between. I want to maintain the shoe. Sure you will after his pants after it'll be around his cannon for that. Yeah i think once we get up there folks we'll get off of that Bassem we're just gonna be line over to thunder alley and make say hey bush splits so be in folks. Don't say we didn't warn you. Okay we we let you know we're gonna be line over to thunder alley and just gateway to find in meet every single one of you guys that listen to us. It's just to be a blast. Don't forget when you come see s k. Love you high right. Have something for you rattle quantity. it's not you're making. It grows microsoft. we might have don't way ltd. Well there you go coach lago thank you and thank everybody for making this episode at least longer than the movie dunkirk. We appreciate all right before we go out. We gotta make some bolt predictions so. Let's go around the horn kevin. You've got a bold prediction. I know it just doing waiting to burst at your belly. Woody again. I'm going to give it to kyle. I'm gonna push this off to kyle. You start us. Wow the family all right. I'm gonna go with thirty one. Twenty chargers W and i i think Down game it didn't have a reception He did score a touchdown. But i'm gonna have bounced back with one hundred thirty all purpose yards in another test. I like it already got. I'm gonna say twenty seven thirteen. And i'm gonna say i'm going to say both keenan allen and mike williams get touchdowns ooh bash brothers bash brothers touchdowns there you go all right I'm going your time to thank your ours comes straight from the old but we'll just say limited quantity limited quantity hotel cannon. Thirty four twenty four charters and her bows throwing for over four hundred yards holy. I'll love it is to be just toying that debris you can do it. Herbert can do it all right. Well there you go folks that is it for this monstrous episode of charger chat folks. Don't forget to bolt up river any squad any place..

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