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Presented by shanin agency. Here's tanner swint. Let's get it going on this thursday morning. I am tanner schwinn. Thanks for being with us here on noko now. I'm live from the collusion specialists studios. We've got one hell of a show for you today. We've got. We're looking down the barrel of four interviews four interview thursday right now and it's going to be good. It's going to be a lot of fun talking with these people. I always the usual suspects right. We will talk with We'll talk with miles. Bloom aren't out of the fort collins colorado and about csu update as well With possibly to the afc That's an interesting lateral move. Maybe about how about too big time. Transfers coming out of. Cas you yesterday. With ellison hubbard the defensive lineman and And and marcus mcelroy Macelroy that marcus has already received an offer from unc. If that happens again if if that happens we've got some serious questions and angel. I know that Let's introduce my producer.

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