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Of people who are who are frustrating david textile tweet said says not striking out 25 plus would be a good start i hope vr brocton are high on the cell list of the deadline what probably not going to happen like david i understand your frustration but to be perfectly honest about it you don't despite jonthan vcrs major struggles this year this is still a guy that the brewers as an organization think very highly of and i feel like that this is the guy who's going to be at second base going forward with this club for quite some time and uh that's that's how it is not kim brock's the may olloba different you have so much outfield depth that you know all these outfielders are kind of on notice as the lewis brinson and the breadth fill ups and the the ryan cordell zain than even lower in the system the the the the cory raise like as those guys make their way through in our nobody is untouchable but kion braxton's also a guy that the brewers think very highly of you know they were very bummed out last year when he got injured with just a little bit time left in the year and couldn't finish out the season and this is his job until it's not basically and that that could be very very long or that might not be it's a but now i don't i don't expect them to be trading those guys certainly not via and probably not braxton either but vr last night before he had that double there in the twelve th inning he had the golden sombrero over four with four strikeouts kion braxton did double in the first inning but after his first any double he goes over four with three strikeouts like strike iggy the strike out that many times you cannot strikeout twenty six times i don't care if you play twenty in game you can't strike out twenty six times way way way too many strikeouts and for from brewers perspective that's one of the most frustrating aspects of last night's game uh wall take one more break we'll come back we'll take a look at uh some of the notes from the lineup up for today's game preview.

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