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A hundred million dollar cup and i just mean you know amid six figure seven figure company i think down to for one thing in annexus it's probably not not the ideal things but you know then again if if are trying to learn quickly i think that and if you are not shipping like you said in your kind of scared of shipping areas haven't gotten there shipping a bunch of stuff will just get to over that fear the next question is for mike corey says mike gives your wife understand what you do have that your kids i really don't know i think to some extent yes much more so than i would say that my parents understand what i do because my parents if he were to ask them what i do they say oh he builds computers and it's been isn't really you did that twenty years ago right yeah exactly it system our quite the same thing i my wife probably has a much better understand man you know now vinci probably did when we first got married because when we first got married i was still dabble in a lot of different things and try to figure stuff out and at this point i mean um i'm full time on the stuff so i talked to are on occasion about what's going on or how different things are going there was some of different challenges are so she gets it i would probably say much more so than are circles of friends so to speak to my most of them they're probably going to say it if you asked him what i did go he works for computers but when necessarily really understand what it is that i do yeah i think back when i was doing all the mike opener stuff and i had a whole portfolio products night all these websites or nine things going on and i was fine selling and i was upgrading in rehab you know stuff it was complicated most people didn't get a but when you had hit tell.

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