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Violating the state's distribution plan. Our care is accused of diverting doses of the vaccine to members of the public ahead of health care workers, nursing Home residents and staff park here, saying in a statement it followed all New York State Department of Health procedures and proactively returned its vaccines pending the department's review. Well, the NYPD is investigating two shootings. He haven't half a mile apart in Brooklyn over the weekend, one left a man dead. The other a woman insured. Here's W awards. Lisa selling body with the detail. The woman is in stable condition after being shot in the face. That's according to the Daily News. Both shootings happened Saturday night in Flatbush. 62. Year old Daniel Roma list was shot in the chest in an apartment building on East 17th Street around 7:30 P.m.. He died at the hospital about 2.5 hours earlier. Cops say a shot Fired through the door of an apartment on Ocean Avenue struck the woman in her face. It's not clear if the two shootings are related. Lisa Cell body W O R News 5 40 years our time Right now. 20 minutes before six o'clock and time again for a check on are trying to be white Men with your W O. R traffic Sprain Brook Parkway North on has all lanes closed up between Jackson Avenue M. 100 B for an accident investigation in Fairfield County, Connecticut. On the Connecticut Turnpike South bound by exit. 18. A rollover has two lanes locked up around the five boroughs. Traveling on the B Q. E East bound by Atlantic Avenue. There's a stall left lane is closed. Westbound on the Guan is a 38 street. Ah, breakdown has the right lane out. 58th Street eastbound between seventh and six Avenues is closed with F D. N y activity and Korean War Veterans Parkway South bound, has the ramp to the Outerbridge crossing closed for a rolled over tractor trailer. Wester Expressway South bound off ramp to Korean War Veterans Parkway has emergency activity taking out the left lane. This report is sponsored by the ex surgeon Temporal scanner. These may be uncertain times. But what is certain is that every family needs a reliable thermometer. Protect your family with the extra Gion Temple scanner, the only home thermometer used and recommended by hospitals, Physicians and clinics. Stay safe with ex surgeon Our next traffic update is coming up in 10 minutes on New York 7 10 W. O R 5 41 is our time right now, In just a moment, we'll check our weather forecast. Also look at the sports news in the Wall Street numbers coming up at six o'clock..

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