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This is just feels like a ride, and it's just a cool different. I've never I'd never seen a movie with his vibe before with this just totally like nihilistic, but just saying like truth bombs that like, you know, fell real that like, and it was about very contemporary things. You know, I mean. Yeah. Name a movie that has that has that kind of like like relevance to the culture that it's a part of. And then also is a really, well, they'd movie that doesn't feel like any other movies. I can't name one. The part of the reason I think it resonates speaks really well to modern nation, especially under consumer culture or capitalism, more generally. And it it's weird because it gives kind of solution in the sense of fight club and project mayhem and people kind of focus on that. But also at least especially in in David fincher. But I also think the book a little bit it. Kind of Sieverts out a little bit. But people don't really kind of ignore that part. But I think you know, the way that people were feeling was can come out nine thousand nine hundred nine. Yeah. In one thousand nine thousand nine about consumer culture and ads for Calvin Klein, and all those things those are still the same images that we are constantly subjected to you know, on TV on radio. Nobody listens to radio probably on YouTube channels, and it's kind of articulating people's unspoken rage away. So is that what you mean, you you? So when you see your average person with a fight club host on it who probably hasn't thought about the movie beyond having seen it a handful of times. Do you think that the reason why they love it so much is because assuming it's guy they similarly feel emasculated by consumer capitalism. I don't think that your average person has thought that deeply about it. Yeah. Like is the bro. You've been like a subconscious level. I mean, I feel that. Yeah. Like they understand where they're coming from. They might not on their everyday life like feel it. But they can see like, yeah. I can see how someone in this environment. And that we this culture, we live in could be you know, bombs, right? Does that mean, what are the truth terms are on? We wanna know the truth. Every fucking line is just like fucking love, David fincher and Tyler no. You're like you're one of those people. All I'm saying is that you can fuck in. Thank you know, feel something is true. Without you know, like like, it's very there's like aphorisms in it. Yeah. Listen maggots. You're not special. We are all the all singing dancing crap of the world. That's just kind like recognizing fucking like meaningless Nissen your life. Even if you yourself don't feel like your life is being as like, yeah. I get that. I can you know, I can relate to that. The things you own running you. Yeah. I mean, there are levels of awareness though, that aren't necessarily reflective right? Consciousness affective as well, and the embodied human conscious experience isn't always necessarily, quote, unquote aware, even if it's a wear, and so I think that just because people don't recognize maybe the truth bombs in order to elicit them. Putting a poster on their wall doesn't mean they're not being affected by the truth bombs, and there's an aesthetic to the film that is extremely appealing. It's kind of dark. It's really slick dated fincher is a very clean filmmaker. Even though this film is kind of messy clean, but the messing is clean messing. And so I think just an emotional level at the affect of level this film is appealing at that level. But also for dudes in particular. I'd be curious. Why this why mentioned at the outset that there is something about how this appeals to do all the dudes that I know have click poster on their wall or went for as for Halloween as Tyler Durden at some point in their life or something along those lines, right? Like, I it's just extremely common. So I wonder if there's an unconscious desire to project the very same thing that Tyler Durden is a. Very projection of in the film, if he the way that you wish you could fuck he looks the way you wish you.

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