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In this case. A lineup of theseus. This question comes from chris who says the twins have had a lot. Go wrong for them. The season but one of the most frustrating has been injuries eight of the nine players from their opening day. Starting lineup have been or are on the i l. and their current roster has very little in common with what they started with. This made me wonder how many teams have fielded a lineup where it was completely different from their opening day lineup and none of the players matched who had happened the fastest and like the ship of the exercise. How much is this the same team now. I have a follow up based on that. What baseball teams opening day lineup contributed the least to a full season success. Bonus points for who did it while still making the postseason. I will stop this email now before it spins off into another half dozen stop s so the twins certain they have been hard hit. I guess if you look at the baseball prospectus. I l ledger. Actually don't really stand out in terms of days missed or wins above replacement player lost so many teams have been hurt. They do have ten guys on the al as we record here on thursday afternoon they are maybe getting a little healthier. Cantona's back reese arises back max kepler's about to be back byron. Buxton seems to be nearing a return but they've also had some new injury strike. Michael pineda rob. Schneider just went on the i l. Josh donaldson and andrew. Simmons left wednesday's game with injuries. So it's not looking great there many other things have gone wrong for them. But it's true that there have been a bunch of guys from that opening day lineup. Who were very quickly removed from their lineup. So i sent this to frequent stat. Blessed consultant robert nelson ran all the numbers and really went above and beyond tear in answering of chris questions. So reading from ryan's response here. It turns out that. This seems much rarer than i thought only one hundred sixty six times in. Mlb history going back to eighteen. Seventy one has a team run out a lineup where zero of the nine hitters played on opening day for that team. That is just point. Oh four percent of the time the majority of these come late in the season sixty percent came after game one. Fifty and eighty percent came after game. One thirty. my instinct is that these are mostly september. Call up lineups where they what. A bunch of kids play. Since the team has had contention but there were nine times that a team ran out a no overlap before game one hundred and he whisks them here. I will put all of the data for this online for anyone. Who wants to look at all the specifics. But the nineteen fifty one chicago cubs were close to the quickest june twenty. Second to june twenty. They're fifty six fifty seventh and fifty eighth eve's they had no overlap lineups. This is the second earliest ever to have won. Here's the opening day lineup. And the reason for missing games fifty six to fifty eight so weaned will occur. The second baseman was traded to brooklyn. Frank bomb holtz rightfielder off days. Hank sauer leftfielder off days. Unknown could find no mention. of the. 'cause bill serena third baseman injury fractured wrist sliding into second andy. Path co center. Fielder was traded to brooklyn d. Fandi for spaceman was sent down to triple a roy. Smalley shortstop was out with an injury. An ankle fracture rube walker. The catcher was traded to brooklyn and frank. Hiller the pitcher was just in the rotation. He just missed those games. So this was mainly caused bay. June fifteenth blockbuster trade with the dodgers johnny schmitz rube walker andy. Path go and waned her. Wilbur were traded by the cubs to the dodgers for. Eddie mixes bruce edwards joe hamilton. And jean her manzke so that accounted for a lot of that turnover there but this was not the earliest or weirdest. No overlap lineup. That would go to the nineteen twelve. Tigar's who on may eighteenth twenty-ninth game of the season throughout quite the lineup. For this one it was easier to explain who was in the lineup that day rather than who was missing and this is a a famous game which we have talked about before the tigers lost twenty four to two and he passes along the reason for this which we have discussed in previous podcasts on may eighteenth nineteen twelve. The tigers players went on strike to protest the suspension of star center. Fielder tie cobb. Who had gone into the stands on may fifteenth to attack a disabled fan who had been abusing him rather than four fit the next game. The tigers sent out a team of replacement players. Mostly local college sandlot players but also including tigers coaches joe sucked in and forty eight year. Old deacon mcguire manager hughie jennings also entered the game as a pinch hitter. Starting pitcher allan travers gave up twenty four runs on twenty six hits in a complete game loss. Both american league records. So that's a pretty famous one if you count that twenty. Nine games into the season is the record. If not fifty six. If we go by the twins achievement only one player from the opening day. Roster remaining is much more common but still not very it happened. Twelve hundred ninety six times that point. Two nine percent of games has happened at least once in one hundred nine of the hundred twenty seasons since nineteen hundred including every season since nineteen fifty eight except the shortened nineteen ninety-four and twenty twenty seasons again. This usually happens later in the season. Sixty seven and a half percent of the time. It happened in game one thirty or later but has happened pretty early in the season as well is happened. Thirty nine times in teams first sixty games and five times in teams. I thirty games and the fastest time.

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