Dave Hunter, Colorado Boulevard, Commerce City discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Check the drive again Right now, With Dave Hunter. Really? Just one big problem. Marty in April. That's that. Rex, Still working east found by 70 right near Peoria has two right lanes blocked. Backups all the way to at least Monaco on that one from the bet. Fred Sports Traffic Center the rest of the major highways. All in all, looking pretty good bye. Pretty good. I mean, no major accidents on the other highway. Certainly a lot of drivers especially coming in from bright nice. 76 westbound loaded from 88, actually, before 88 all the way down to about 2 70 to 70 itself, of course, loaded up both directions in Commerce City and southbound 2 to 5 to the tech center. Coming out of Aurora. Very heavy, all the way from eyelift down to about DTC tomorrow before you get any kind of breaking speeds and one big problems off Highway one big problem of Highway 40th in Colorado. The lights are malfunctioning. There. You have to treat that as a four way stop huge delays both directions on Colorado Boulevard. They had a power outage in that neighborhood that took the lights out at 40th in Colorado. This report sponsored by indeed dot com, hitting speed bumps in your hiring process will then streamline your route to hired with indeed. Hiring platform makes it easy to attract screen and interview candidates in the same place. Find your next great higher by going to indeed dot com slash credit. Dave Hunter Cable news radio Live everywhere on the I Heart radio APP. Jason is full when the 400 you maybe it's time to let the old ways September 14th 7:30 p.m. Wolf trap. Maybe it's time. And let you ways.

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