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Headed toward using to hub cities to play this stuff out without fans that will be a difficult transition. penguins forward Brandon Tanith spoke about that this week, but said that one of the ways the players will get over. It will be their desire to get back what they've all come to understand what they've really been missing during the NHL Pause. I. Think obviously there's going to be an adjustment period but I. Think you know the League in our organizations are are are working. Things through right now into a great job When when we resume and I think you know that's as the main focus. Here is to get back to the game that we all love when when things are are right. Right for us to do that. Obviously, there's there's more important things going on right now in the world, and that's everyone's health and safety, but at the same time once we're able to be back in and being the environment of the locker room with all the guys and be be playing the game that we love so much. I think there's going to be. An added enthusiasm and love for what we've missed over the past couple of months. I think that is going to drive us a little more. I mean obviously it's going to be tough and a little at times stepping back on the ice, and and having those expectations, but I think working through that that adversity is GonNa, make you better through all this and I'm sure everyone is really excited and edging back on the ice. Makes a great point, but I wonder if the locker room will be the same. We've heard a lot from major league baseball about how they're going to need an additional locker room for each team. At wherever they end up playing. If they end up playing again because they've got a social distance, the locker room and lockers six feet apart, and they're not big enough as they as they exist, I wonder if that scenario will carry over to the NHL. Well. By virtue of how they have to sit in the NHL there. They have to sit close on the bench so. Sitting close in the locker I'm not sure how much that matters, and it's not easy to just pull up to the rink in your gear. Get Out of the car and put your skates over your shoulder going. Baseball a little bit easier to do that, but can you get dressed at home and drive to the rink in full uniform? Those guys did that as kids. Mom Mom. Drop them off and put the skates on. But hopefully hockey specs sooner rather than later in the meantime. We've got what used to be. At and T. sports that's got game. Six of the nineteen ninety-one. Stanley Cup final tonight. The penguins at the North Stars. We've also got the radio broadcast on our brother station one. Oh, five nine, the X. throughout this process of. At and T. and the ex rebroadcast re airing these old games for penguins, history Josh gets off has been able to interview a lot of the people involved at the time and the hall of Famer Mike Lang. Talked with Josh extensively about this nineteen ninety-one Penguins team which. You know the championships have piled up now, but this one was the first one. And the one that Hey if if you grew up kind of when I did. The thought of the penguins went into Stanley. Couples like going to the moon. If you were paying attention, you just hope they didn't go bankrupt and they had a team the next year. That was the goal just to be able to be involved, and for these guys to make it all the way to the Stanley Cup, final and win it miraculous on a lot of levels. Mike Lang talked with. Josh gets off about the influence of the head. Coach Badger Bob Johnson. who showed up as a different kind of guy and took some getting used to, but eventually everybody came around. He was like Bob Johnson was like no other coach, penguins or any player that play the game. Mock it seeing. then I say that from a standpoint. There wasn't a negative word in his approach to the game, and the players were kind of like. Is this for real? They were just stunned seriously in the first couple of weeks. as it went along, but they were finally realized. This guy was for real I mean he would do things that. No, other coach done I can remember them. Just I mean this is so stupid and it's so simple. But if you think about hockey in those days. And, maybe when they came out of escape. To Skate base gate him one direction and they were skated around the ice until they loosened up. In Badger which stop them and midsection. Make them go the other way. He says because you're in a game. You are going the other way at times, so he would make them circle back and do the rink. The other way and everybody would just look like, but they continue to do it, and he just became a friend of theirs and the the most. Notable thing that I remember about Bob. Johnson as He took everybody under his wing. if, you played for him. He would always put his arm around you and if you plan and he didn't have in the lineup. He. Would just simply tell you I'm going to need some day. I'm on a nature someday and that just sent. That never happened in hockey, but just didn't happen. Gene Call. You're saying how unusual Bob Johnson was in one of the stories. He told to illustrate that was that. Bob Johnson was like walking out of the hospital across the street from the arena one time and he's like what the? Badger everything right. He's like I was just getting to Sandwich. Great sandwiches over there you go. Great Sandwiches. Yeah, there's a million Badger Bob Johnson stories, but Beds are GonNa win that First Cup tonight on eighteen sports at the boy that was a fun team and I was talking to you guys yesterday a little bit about what jumped out at me from watching the game Wednesday night. And I talked about lemieux, aggressive and combative. He was and the arena, and what that looked like it I forgot to mention our buddy, the old to nine or man, he could fly. I forgot. The extent of his wheels. I mean you you remember. Is that kind of glue player that could do a lot of different things and fit in a lot of different places and an effort guy, a hustle guy and a character guy, but man can escape. Pirates announced furloughs beginning on June the first yesterday. Travis Williams said in a statement quote deeply about all of our employees and understand the impact. This will have on them. These decisions are very difficult, but are necessary for us to endure this crisis and emerges strongest possible when we're able to resume normal operations, we look forward to welcoming our employees back to work. At that time, nobody in baseball operations will be furloughed. It's affecting some people in the business department and case. You guys were wondering if there'd be another Michael. Jordan type last dance documentary. Now you got your wish. Tom Brady. Man in the arena. Pass. Him Kissing, his son for two hours hard, no on that one. Somebody that it would be called the last kiss. Going to be a nine nine part series detailing his nine trips to the Super Bowl. And I guess they're not counting on him getting there this year. He's still playing Mike like the whole reason that this was so enjoyable was the nostalgia of it. I mean this has been twenty two years that he's just been sitting on this. The Jordan stopped. Yeah, the Brady. Brady things going to come out next year and It will be produced by ESPN and one nine nine productions, which is Tom Brady's production company. I didn't know he had a production company, but hey, why wouldn't? So it's GonNa be a you know a whitewash Polish. The truth according to Tom Brady, Tom Brady and perhaps only Tom Brady remembers it. All the commercials are going to be like. TB twelve supplements Yup to human boost your immune system. FEELING DEFLATED WITH.

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