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If I have to choose, which is better because as you say, there's no angle, there's on the kick from last year. There's a baby, jaw March. It's always in there, whatever it is. And it hits the pose. It's absolutely perfect. It's absolutely perfect. But last night, what he did is such an embarrassment is humiliated. He gets them out of position and he burns them. And he is asked after the game about that. And apparently, he says, I work on that I've seen this goalie before I know that you can get him in a position where he's not close enough. And he kicks it from. I don't know a mile and a half away. And it in the sense of the first one is more spectacular this one seems more meaningful, at, of course when you mean all the time for guys a five iron in his hands. That's right. Because this curvature. Of the, by the way, we're all the dope. Say a ball dozen curve, these people. They're they're flatter people as well. But Tony is the first goal the first bills better because of the amicable doesn't curve ended lightning at them. I say all you just say this about ruining. A lot of these guys come over here from Europe, Washington, they stink. Here's ruining who's trying hard. He's got twenty one goals in thirty four starts. He's got twelve assists. So that's a point game. That's that's better than the cantor better quickly. See better than you'll Hong not, thank you. But. Let's take a break. I mean up Julie Foudy joins us from Paris to breakdown. Tomorrow's big World Cup game. Didn't smoke on the bench. Well, so can all you later? Tony predicts the starting lineup with the be all star game both leagues position physician. Yeah. I'm going to predict Trump. I'm just gonna take trout's trout good. Make the cut yesterday. A write in on the SP shown understand that. Story we broke in our first segment team USA takes on France. Tomorrow in the World Cup. And we are pleased to welcome back. PT is Paris bureau chief ESPN soccer analyst, Julie Foudy. Let's start with this. You played in these sorts of things you played overseas..

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