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I'm actually friends with your wife on Pokemon go now. Thank you. That's awesome. When you put inflammation, I went ahead and. She now has two hundred friends. One of them is you. That's awesome. Sarah, do you play? You must do. Lee plays a family. We like to go out and walk around the neighborhood. As a family, you know what kills us. You know, my wife and I are twelve year olds, but our fifteen year old won't play anymore zone. I'm done with that. Oh, we had so much fun two years ago when it came out and and reasons came up Serono's, but I'll tell the rest of you is because the folks who do pokey mongo Niantic updated it considerably over the last six months and really brought back a lot of the fun of the game. You can have friends for one thing and see where they go. So thank you, Sarah, that's nice. Gifts from Kansas. And she knows where it's, I'll say, look for Sarah's gets from Kansas, and I'm surely getting some Petaluma gifts as well. That's nice. Thank you. Yeah, we're at least I should mention lease and I are now maxed out. You can only have two hundred friends, and so we both do unfortunately. So no more. No new friends. What's your favorite Pok Mon. I'm a peak chew fan me to peak achieves been a good summer for Pika chew fans. Lots of pitches in sunhats. That's right. Now I'm playing it by the way. What if I get a little distracted, it's because I see vino NAT, I've just got to pick him up. What can I do for you? Sarah. Well, I bought a used book is the twenty ten. So I know what it's quite old, but we upgraded the the ram and put an SSD drive. Good upgrades when I'm concerned about is when Mojave comes out. Do I go from high Sierra? The Mohave or my better off staying with an older Aleph. The general rule is apple lets you do it. Apple will, at some point, cut it off and you won't end it'll say, sorry, you know, this is the most recent you can use, but you should upgrade if you can. The good news is in the last eight years, eight year old laptop, but until hasn't made massive improvements in processors and and so you're probably pretty compatible with anything Apple's doing right now. Fear or pretty well. Yeah. Yeah. And so I think, yes, absolutely. Go to Mojave Mojave has some nice new features. You know, the main reason you wanna do is for any security and bug fixes that that are there in apple doesn't necessarily publicize those. So you always want to get the updates, but you don't have to worry. Apple won't let you update if it's not compatible or it's going to really slow your system down. They're pretty good about that. I like the older. You know, I my real reluctance on upgrading to the new macbook pro besides the price was I really like the older MAC books. I like the travel. I don't mind the bigger size is a little thicker. That's fine. Better battery life. And I would like the keyboards. I don't like the touch borrow that much. They don't have a touch bar. So I was using a twenty fifteen macbook pro until until I got this new one, they're very good. Yeah. When I go to get a new one, I I, I'm gonna wait till they get that keyboard once out. I feel like this one's better. It's not. You know, we'll see if it's as if it's more reliable. I think they have solved that and and I was a big as you know, hater of the new butterfly keyboards. This one, it's just a slight difference, but it's enough to make me say, well, I think I can live with it, not happy, but I think I can live with it. You you're, you're twenty ten just fine. Keep stick with it. By the way they stopped selling those when they put out these new macbook pros. That was it on the twenty fifteen the fifteen inches. They're not selling those old ones anymore. So I don't know what will happen the macbook air, which is the last really old. MAC book old-style Mak but they sell. But my my sense is they're, they're dropping that to sometime this year. Sarah, so nice to talk to you a look for you. Look for some Hutchison, Kansas pokey stops. All right. Take care. Are they brought to you by rocket mortgage, the lending leader, Quicken Loans they created..

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