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To forty five with less wind this afternoon good morning I'm John off to coach in our top story at ten five oh one for many of the region this time to shop till they drop Black Friday he is here a widely used to him and this is live from king of Prussia mall with more the people out there already Tim yeah well John a technically the stores don't open for another hour but that there are actually people just kind of wandering through the mall so far and so people parked outside I think I caught a few people napping in her cars you know many people actually did start their shopping last night your as the mall opened for several hours and closed at one o'clock this morning but you know today is still the day he's director of marketing Kathy Smith tells us this is still their busiest day of the year yes many do their online shopping but day like today you know a deal is a deal customers are going to find those forty and fifty percent off sales not just today but you know but on going for the rest of the season and it's a bit of a shorter shopping season with thanksgiving so late so Smith's does that could add for the need to people to head out sooner rather than later find that perfect if John okay an hour from now T. minus fifty eight minutes until the mall opens their king of Prussia fulls of stores anyway and if the boss isn't watching a lot of us are doing this at work that's coming up on KYW newsradio over right now game with Ryan with motor for the traffic outlook very John things are pretty quiet on the major highways where you start to see volume of course he is in front of the mall the king of Prussia mall the liver gal Blitzer senator the much anywhere you have a major shopping there you're gonna see a little extra volume right now though a couple of problems font out in Chester County street road which is nine twenty six that is blocked just west of two oh two all because of a downed pole from earlier they're still trying to get the utility down here to deal with that so watch out for delays in that area we also have another down pull this is in Montgomery County just outside of Jenkintown it's township line road in Greenwood Avenue it's worth blocks actually block reads summit Avenue in Washington lame again that is a downed utility pole there with all of the high winds we had yesterday certainly that made it a really tricky having over the bridges were pretty good shape not that at all in South Jersey and at this point mass transit is on or close to schedule.

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