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Or farmer or even an outlaw so this is also kind of a lone ranger ish element to his sister larry math except maybe even a little more inch saying yeah i think so because he went to some serious trouble in these disguises i think in one really authentic yes i'm one really well known mission reeves was pursuing two outlaws in the red river valley of the chickasaw nation and he heard that they were hiding out somewhere near the texas border so he wrote out that way with us posse by the way at this time deputy marshalls would travel around indian territory with a few posse men a cook in a wagon just because the area they were patrolling in hunting for outlaws in with so vast demean a typical loop was around a typical loop that they would travel would was around eight hundred mile lines are at would be eight hundred mile right so they'd be out there for a while so the posse set up camp about twenty eight miles from where these two outlaws they were pursuing were supposed to be hiding out at their mother's house so then reeve's disguised himself south as a tramp he really paid attention to every detail to you remove the heels from an old pair of shoes he carried a came with them and then he put on a floppy hat that he had shot with a few bullet holes to look goal roughed up he also of course concealed the handcuffs than the pistol in the badge that he was carrying underneath his close then he started walking twenty eight miles travelling on foot to the mother's house when he got there he asked her for some food you know complaining that his feet really hurt 'cause he'd been walking in trying to escape from this posse that was pursuing him the mother really sympathize with him she let him in she fed him she told him that our sons were running away from the law to she even suggested that maybe he should hang out with her and team up with her own son so they could protect each other when the suns came home they agreed to this plan this deal that mom has set up for them in and that night they set up a.

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