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Ah, a little bit of a breaking news story here with thanks to Mark Love alot. Our overnight producer. The city of Boston will remove the Emancipation Group statue following a vote by Boston Art Commission. That was apparently done tonight. That is the statute that we talked about. Ah, A couple of well, I guess a week ago. Prior to last week, Mayor Martin Walsh in the mayor's Office of Arts and Culture, Together with the Boston Art Commission today announced the Boston are commissions voted to remove the bronze figurative elements. Of the Emancipation Group statue from his location. Park Square. The statue with a copy of a statue in Washington, D C, created by Thomas Ball, has been criticized since the installation in 18 79 for its depiction of an enslaved man. I don't know. It's been criticized since 18 79. I think it's been criticized in the last couple of weeks. The Emancipation Group was a gift to the city by Moses Kimbo, a local politician. The statue depicts Abraham Lincoln, whose right hand rests on the Emancipation Proclamation has left his race and a gesture of benediction about the Crouch figure of Archer Alexander. A black man who assisted the Union Army escaped slavery and was recaptured under the Fugitive Slave Act. There's no inscription on the front of the piece that reads a race set free. There is an inscription a ray set free. In the country of peace, Lincoln rest from his labors so that statue will be removed. Um and they're going to AA. Headline here says they're going to Again. I'm having trouble getting up getting all of this here. B bust and called for a process of re contextualized ing the statute in a new setting. So, um, statue that has stood there for 18 79. The original statue was fate paid for by freed slaves, by the way, Ah Will be removed in Boston. So for the cancel culture that is a big victory tonight and Mark Little, Thanks for keeping us posted on that. Let's go to the phone 617 to 5 for 10 30. Tripoli. 9 to 9 10 30 We could started off this hour with John in Braintree. John in Braintree. How are you tonight? I'm doing okay, but I'm just kind of like everything that's going on now. It it It's just like I'm tossing my hands up in here and saying like, what is going on? I think a lot of people have that same question. Andi, I think that we are moving in a direction which is not going to be healthy. No, it's not. I mean, what I mean, I'm 2010 graduate from Braintree High, and they're just trying to change the all of a sudden because It's a representation. Heritage of Braintree. Off from that becomes race. The Braintree wants like what else like Then you've got these, uh, these lawyers They're getting their houses. Private community rated and there stand outside with their They're right in the property with firearms that they are legally allowed their own like and they're getting in trouble for that, like everything's just blowing my mind. It's crazy, and I am a millennial. I am a veteran, and it's everything is like I don't understand what's going on. Now you got these people ripping down statues when they don't even know the meaning of it. Half these people out. There are No, I can't think is I'm not one of us to go out there. But I just say someone I see on the Itself or, you know, the Where I watch TV on my phone or whether they will tell of it. It's all a bunch of people up there. White people raising their hands like I don't understand it any more. Well, I I think there's there's a group of folks out there who are very concerned about the treatment by some police officers, and that's wrong. I've had my fair experience with the police, and I'm not a fan of them and I don't Agree with. I do agree completely that the whole system needs reform. But what's going on out in the streets? That's not going to do it. No, I group and what I'm trying to what I'm trying to say is, I think that there's a lot of people out there who are out there for reasons that they perceived to be right Recent correct reasons. And then there are people out there who are taking it entered of this, and those people are again anarchists, people who sort of the refugees from the occupy Wall Street movement. That was pretty big in this country in the kind of the 11 12 6013 era. And they are looking to fundamentally change the country. They would like to live in a different type country. They want to change the country that you served in the military for And they weren't exchanged limit. Well, they want to live here, but they want to make this country more like North Korea or a communist China or the old Soviet Union. Where where freedom of thought freedom of expression, freedom of speech are limited. And they they want to, You know, they want to impose their set of values on other people, and they will either do it. They don't want to do it democratically, and they will do it by either force. Or or they will, they will try to intimidate people they try to intimidate the Boston City Council. We talked about last hour and here's the problem. I think was General Michael Flynn was quoted recently is saying that the problem is that 2% of the country who might be extremely passionate. Well, eventually, if, if not, you know, if left unchecked. Will rule the 98% of the country of people who are apathetic. So there's a lot there's a lot of people who are just trying to live their lives. Goto work Get their kids in school route for the Patriots. If there's ever football season all of that only my mom and dad, my family members, you know, normal, everyday people just trying to the thing. That's right. They just want to live their lives. But the problem is you've got folks out there now, who would really like to change the system of government in this country? I mean, we have a system of government, which is a democracy, which, you know. Ah, And sometimes we elect Republican presidents, and sometimes we elect Democratic presidents. You tell me that if you're you're probably 30 years of age or so correct. 28. Okay. So in your lifetime if I go back 28 years, you've had a Republican president in Donald Trump. You've had a Democratic president in Barack Obama. You've had AH, Republican President George Bush. And a AH, a Democratic president in Bill Clinton, so Democrat Republican Democrat Republican that's kind of the way it goes, and we could go back even further..

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