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Brennan? Hello, I am here, believe it or not, it has been a lousy day on Wall Street to Dow, is currently down. 280 points. That's a little bit better than earlier in the afternoon, though. I'm Brendan Hazleton Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Three 15 George Wallace here, it has been a pretty good season for the Maryland women's basketball team. It really has. For a team that had 7 new players. Yeah. Brenda freeze has them rolling. Right now, 23 and 5 overall, they're on the road tonight. Rank 7 at number 16, Ohio State identical record, Maryland can still get the second scene in the upcoming Big Ten tournament and right now they're in a two seed in the latest bracketology. So for tonight, Marilyn on the road at Ohio State, a place where Brenda freezes team now. Ten and two away from home this year. It takes a mentality, a really competitive mentality and this group likes to go in and silence the crowd and perform really well. So I think that's the exciting thing as well when you do go on the road. But nothing better than winning on the road and silencing the crowd. So that's 7 o'clock tonight for Maryland upper level. The wizards return from the all star break right now. They're tenth in the Eastern Conference. On a two game winning streak and they get the Knicks tonight at home. Capital's off tomorrow. They have lost now 6 straight games toward Wallace WTO sports. All righty, thank you, George, while we still have relatively mild weather here, California is dealing with something it normally doesn't have to deal with, at least Southern California. It's snow. Case CBS reporter Matt bigler has more on a very tough commute. Only an inch of snow in the hills around the San Francisco Bay Area brought some traffic to a halt. As unprepared commuters were slipping and sliding and blocking roadways. I was going to try to turn around, but my car is stuck. I'm stuck right here. Natalie is a caregiver who never thought she'd see snow in this part of California. This is crazy. This is unreal. I feel like I'm in a movie. This is the most snow, the region has had in over 20 years. Matt bigler, for CBS News, Berkeley, California. Tough stories, we're working on a WTO we continue to follow developments after a woman was stabbed to death a man shot to death in a home and herndon police say there is no threat to the public

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