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He does a little bit and then so he decided to put on this fake mustache and the sunglasses and a t shirt and just go wander back out into the dugout and hope. Nobody noticed him. Somebody knows and he had to go back and leave again. He wound up getting suspended for a couple of games. But it's one of the iconic baseball ejections of all time win the manage decided. No i'm gonna come back and i'm going to have the worst possible it it i. It almost looks like the groucho marx. Glasses and mustache combine checks skis. Sports fans shared that like like like evil. Cogan just like. Oh the handlebar thing. That's coming down to the side or maybe just like a goatee on lake. If you're going to do it yeah go all out all. That's funny yeah. And i just i just love this concept that the manager was just so confident that this that this inspector clue so level costume was going to work like the like the finger point of the empire. He rejected that ultimate authority and was just like a from down here. Yeah do something about it you something about it. What a time to undiagnosed schizophrenia to rear. Its head so. I know. I'm not bobby. My name's todd. That's the lions. Sorry person that have become whenever i get kicked out of something right. Okay okay so a lot of fun. Fun topic i implore. You had you listen to this via are streaming right now or on our podcast to go to the mount rushmore page and look at some of these sports ejections. There are a lot of fun and they do go back michael. You're saying that one of them's like kind of the first one of the first viral videos. The zeineddine senator john busted that guy right and they were playing there playing italy. So you know that guy was a house of bricks. He's three glasses of wine into it. Anyway yeah okay so let's pick some. Let's go with the film and just because it's so theatrical hilarious and The bobby valentine one is also really so So amazing And then i think just to i like advocate you guy so screw knight so give that guy What sports thumbs was that one. The tossing active object. That's one of michael's weird esoteric thing. So i'm not going to do that. The last one. Let's did you. The stew serena because people need to know how much of a monster she really despite her many endorsements and the fact sheet devoured her sister venus. We never hear about venus anymore. Because they talk about saturn devouring the picture of a saturn devouring his son. Yeah never talk about serena. Venus this has been more. Sports objections is always richard. Those are your choices. You're making those choices. Sorry you cannot be serious. I'm richard..

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