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Same team when it comes to COVID-19. Buy and tech and Pfizer remind you, please consider getting vaccinated. JR how are you man? Man, they kissed me off in purring. I have no passion, phoning it in. Are you going to the nearest thing? With the voice of wrestling. Hall of Famer, mister Jim Ross, goddamn. It's play Friday come on. Hey, hey, it's Conrad Thompson and you're listening to grilling JR with the voice of wrestling, mister Jim Ross, Jim, how are you, man? I'm good, Connie. I'm good. I had a little issue with my foot this week. Healing, but it's one of the old skin scabs away, sorry to be so blunt. And the new skin appears. It's really sensitive, so sincere to cold, it sensitive to heat. Touch. It's just I am the one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Hey, you got a chance. So anyway, the doctor said it was doing as well as they ever wanted. So I'm healing on the right track. She said, it's just not going to be the pain's not over yet. So I have medication for that if I need it. Take good care of me there to management. It's a whole different deal than what used to be. You know, we went through this period of time where you get paid minister from your doctor, you were frowned upon, and I said, hey, what's going on here? Did you try buffering? So anyway, now it's a different ball game. And held at 70 years old, I don't plan on developing any drug habits that don't already have. Hey, time, sir. So anyway, it's all really good. I want to work. I have missed any work, and I take pride in that statement. So anyway, all good, man. I'm still calling wrestling on Wednesday nights on TBS. Loving everyday minute of it. Well, we are so excited to be talking about our topic today. It's the man called sting and golly, man. What's new is old again or what's old is new again? You know how it goes. They're just as staying as still in ring and you're still working with him. All these years later, we're going to talk about maybe the most important year of his career, 1990 today, can you believe that it's been 32 years since sting when the world title? It feels like, I don't know, 15 years ago, not 32, goodness. The typical pro wrestler answer are former pro restaurants. Oh yeah, yeah, I remember. It's where the plaid shirt and Nikes. No, I don't remember shit. I remember it happening. I think I call that match. I think. Yeah, you did. And when I see where we say that, I don't anybody to miss understand I do care. It's just I've called so many epic matches. Thanks to the talent now, not me. Thanks to the talent. That men they cluttered up, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember that. But I do remember the date. I thought it might be passed. I thought it was probably overdue. Should have happened earlier. You got to have instincts to tap tag in, somebody that's hot. And he was obviously hot. But we were obviously so unorganized. Nobody was paying enough attention, past the politics of booking. So anyway, that's how I looked at that situation. But he was Steve Borden was just a can't miss guy. And now he's back more focused. And I say that government laugh at me. He's older. He's a Christian. He has a different lifestyle. He has a different point of view and outlook. He has a new marriage. So he's got reason to have a major changes. And he seems motivated to want to pass it back on red and the Darby Allen. He's taken Darby under his wing. If nothing else on traveling and planning a match or it may be. So Steve is a he's done a lot of and he doesn't do a lot of ballet hood, but he's really a good mentor to the entire roster. There's not one person at roster. A wrestler. They wouldn't tell you they're a little stinger to some degree at some point in their wrestling fandom. Everybody covers every base. So anyway, that's what I'm thinking on that. We're really. Blessed to have it. He said, important to us. So I don't even think about his age. Tony Cox is not going to overbook him. Steve board is not going to let himself get over booked. He said, he thinks he can handle to maintain some level of sanity. So we're lucky right now a and to have him. Just like the folks in WCW, we're lucky to have him back 30 years ago. You remember those old dusty roads, a campaigns for the headache medicine that said something like, I know a thing or two about pain, something like that. Well, here's the deal. CBD isn't about what you feel. It's.

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