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She's of the age that she attends a lot more weddings than I do. I don't attend anything anymore. Too old for weddings too young for funerals just way too old for like sweet sixteens. Oh, yeah. We're looking for something. Please don't sing. What does that? That's Bruno Mars Mary. You is that the name of the song? Yeah. Mary you think? L oughta marry you Kylie being in your mid twenties you attend a lot of weddings. I do I have three this year alone. What have you heard this year alone? Really? Oh, good Lord. I think I just didn't have that many friends so many, weddings. So what have you witnessed that has gone wrong and wedding wolf wolf the most recent wedding? I was at the let me get this, right? Groom's sister's boyfriend almost fought the father of the bride really over what over alcohol it was deep in the night air drunk, the one was he was ordered because you weren't supposed to order shots. So he was just ordering stuff on the rocks. And then taking it as a shot, which is just a shot. No shots. And if you could get the equivalent of alcohol in a glass, what's the big deal? I didn't make the rules. And I didn't ask questions. I didn't even know that this happened until the next day and the bride only just found out a few weeks ago that any of this happened. Okay. What else has gone wrong? Someone who is giving a speech at the church fell and hit the bride bride over on. That'd be awesome. If it did know she was sitting. So she liked caught her. It was such a mess. It was followed by the loudest. Silence. I've ever heard because we're all like. What do you do? And that's what you remember about that wedding. Isn't it? Yeah. See that poor woman bride, the one singular moment of her life that everybody's going to remember, and it sucks. Oh, well, at least I remember it. What else come on more? No. But I mean do this topic again in a year? For more of many stories. Maybe I'll be the story are union married. No, I'll be the wedding fail. All you'll be drunk falls down the stairs at the alter hurry county. Thank you. So what have you seen gone wrong at weddings? Maybe it was even your own one. You attended one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five told this story before but my favorite wedding fail. Was this is kind of tough to explain. All right. There was this family down the street and there were four brothers. The oldest brother was clean Cup. He actually became a police officer is the next two were twins. And they were near two wells. They were always in trouble. Couldn't do anything. Right. Never could hold a job that kind of thing and one of them owed back child support and had gone out of state had just skipped out town. And nobody knew where he was that kind of deal. So he wouldn't have to pay his child support. Okay. Well, the police officer brother's getting married, right? The brothers are groomsmen for the. Others wedding. So we had to be there waiting at the back of the church. Oh, no. They took him in do they at least wait until the wedding was did they did they wait until the wedding was over and the other took him. They took him away. Right at the end of the the wedding technically was over and most of the procession had gone out the door. Wyatt arrests. It was. It'd be a much better story if they had come up and walked onto the altar and dragged him. Yeah. But I think that it's it's better that they kind of showed some respect there as wrong as I mean. You had to at least in the back of his mind. He had to think I was going to happen. Absolutely, especially, and as you know, his brothers a police officer, you think he would have known. It was coming. Yeah. But he did I don't maybe it was a different department. I know I don't remember holding their members at all. That's all anybody who's talking about was I can't remember their band, the twins are named Mark and Mike, and I can't remember which one it was. But yeah, back child support caught up with the end of his brothers went. Oh, man. One eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five, Sean in Bridgewater. You're on New Jersey one zero one point five good afternoon. Sean. I went to my niece's wedding. She had a is that a golf course. And they had a golf cart. That'd be got. From the the golf course it said just married on it with little. Hanging off the back run around sticker pitches. But. At some point. Under-blown? The Gulf are down a hill. Like, I he was three thousand dollars worth of damage buildings for was he in the golf cart at the time. Or was it empty? No, he was riding your driving. But. And everybody watched him go and everybody watched him go cascading down the hill. Well now. All right. John. Thanks for calling New Jersey one. Oh, one point. I wonder if you get a DUI for that. If you're drunk, and you flip a golf cart because you don't need a license to drive one. No, you don't. But I remember a story of guy got a drunk driving while riding a horse and his his his lawyer had argued that the thing can go on its own without any unless maybe the horse was drunk. I think I remember that. Of course, I've been wrong already today. So might be miss remembering that, but I think that happened so wedding fails one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five what has gone wrong at a wedding. You attended Laura on the turnpike. You're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Right. I I I got married July twenty eight thousand feet and on the way back from the. College town down seventy two our reception on Staten Island party broke down with the entire bridal party. No. Yeah. Yeah. But thank God it happened after we were married and not be served. Just kind of milling around at the reception hall waiting for you to show up. Yeah. How long did delay was it? We miss the entire cocktail hour. I'm sure you had some refreshments on the bus though. What we did. And then other limos that were passing drive off some more refreshments. I have pictures of that in my wedding, seventy eight okay. Is that what you remember about your wedding day? Yeah. Most magical day your life, Laura. Thanks to call New Jersey one oh, one point five or talking about wedding fails. I saw this article it had a bunch of tweets from mainly brides. But others are just from observers at weddings of things. It's just went wrong on that special day the day, you want everything to be perfect and then somebody gets drunk. Somebody starts a fight. Somebody falls down the stairs. Somebody rolls golf cart. Those type of things that have happened at weddings. If you've witnessed any of those wedding fails, let us know at one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years. Jersey fast traffic. On the Garden State Parkway things have gotten very slow north one forty two up.

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