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On W. W. L. radio thank you so much for you and everyone else on the but I truly appreciate you coming on and thank you for for everything that you all are doing a Debbie Debbie L. to keep all your listeners informed of what's going on what you do since two and then when they want to hear some information so thank you guys again what would you do nobody well I don't know maybe there's an exception to that but I don't like to pay taxes you don't like to pay taxes and every year when we do our taxes we do the best we can to find as many legal I am his eyes legal deductions as we can because we don't want to have to pay any more than we have to pay but sometimes there's a year when stuff happens and you can't pay your taxes and you have a back tax bill it stays in the back of your mind it never goes away the fact that it's there what is the IRS gonna do are they gonna take my business so they can read my bank account and I can have my wages garnished you know there's a lot of companies that advertise on television and they make it seem like for just a a few Bucks you can sell your IRS deal that's not true in fact some of them have actually change what they see on television because if you have an income if you have revenue the IRS will make a payment plan with you but they're not gonna let you settle for just a few Bucks so here's what you should do contact go tax resolution G. A. U. exco tax resolution their local if you have a business they'll come to you and they will take care of this for you and the conversations are face to face if you're an individual you want to get this off your mind.

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