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Take it back. How election coverage on air on Alexa and on the W T o p AP It's a 28 time for traffic and weather on the AIDS. We go back to Jack Taylor and the traffic center. So a little bit of a delay in the district that thankfully, nothing reported in your way South on D. C. Tu 95 to slow down around Nanny Helen Burrows Avenue stretches 26 Capitol Street running toward Pennsylvania Avenue. But nothing reported in your way into Virginia, 66 going eastbound after 1 23 What's left of a crash was over on the right shoulder. Checking in Woodbridge on Dale Boulevard Up your queen, stale drive that had been a reported crash. Same in Sterling Crews checking North bound on Sterling Boulevard near East Holly Avenue, a reported accident on the George Washington Parkway North found under the Memorial Bridge earlier college who reported water on the roadway not washed out, but just be aware there's going to be some splashing. So do be cautious inside the Beltway without delay, 66 west after Glebe Road. It was working. The right lane closures remain in Maryland will start down in Calvert County Plum Point Road, West Wilson Roads blocked all this due to flooding Lower Marbro Road near Mill Branch Road. Main Street, Prince Frederick between Calvert Town Road route for and you'll find Sixes Road near Grays Road in Calvert County closed all due to flooding Couple issues in Charles County Pomfret Road between Phillips Rodent Livingston Road blocked Brandywine Road north of Prince Frederick Road, also closed up near Swanson Creek again due to flooding from yesterday. Couple three problems in ST Mary's County will start on Newmarket Turner Road north of three Notch Road Point Lookout Road closed between Chaptico rodent, Good Rick Lane and three Knights rode South bound between Charlotte Haul Road, Thompson Corner wrote. The only exception in here, you've got the South bound lanes closed. Traffic was getting by utilizing the North bound lanes with two way traffic. God. Nana Rondo County Mount Road, South Pinehurst threatening Mirando County that was down Poland Wire's new flooding conditions along Livingston Road east of Hawthorne Road that had been flooded out. Also, we'd have that accident activity reported up in Hyattsville in University Boulevard near Riggs Road on the rails Very Manassas Line Train, 3 28 and Mark Camden Train, 8 49 both reporting a 30 minute delay from earlier mechanical issues planning on crossing the Bay Bridge. Get current traffic in bay bridge dot com or call 1877 Bay Span. Elektronik. Tolling is now live. Get easy passed today. Jack Taylor. W T o p. Traffic will. The forecast today is quite a winner today will be backing them into upper eighties We've got plenty of sunshine around. Or less humidity. Still some.

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