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Get the latest issue of amplify absolutely free by texting kgo eight to eight eight nine eight eight that's G O eight eight to eight eight nine eight eight stories that have been breaking. Well, you've been at work. This is the Larry O'Connor shell or gay relationships in your opinion, immoral. The hats Corey Booker Senator from New Jersey running for president, not coincidentally. Today is part of a judicial confirmation process for one Naomi row, she of Indian descent American of Indian descent. Her parents are from India party, in fact, Hersi Indians and. She is conservative. And understandably I believe she is a believing Christian and as a faithful believing Christian or anyone who respects and acknowledges their faith if they are Jewish Christian Muslim. The vast majority of believers in this country, if they take their faith seriously and the scripture that accompanies their faith. They would acknowledge that we are all imperfect. We are all sinners, and there are a whole host a laundry list of sins detailed in both the old and the New Testaments or the Koran that define exactly what it means to be a center, and yes, one of those things would be engaging in homosexual behavior. That doesn't mean that people who do that are to be condemned or to be what bite we humans that is. They might who knows. We don't know we don't make determinations on who was going to hell only. God knows that. But it doesn't mean that we are to treat them poorly or to discard them or to give them fewer rights than others or to be mean to them or to hurt them in any way whatsoever. Nor would we do that to anyone who SIMS because we are all sinners that's sort of the tenant of our faith last. I checked. But Cory Booker. Wants to do something. That's rather unconstitutional. He actually threw his line of questioning today in the Senate Judiciary hearing wants to put some kind of religious test on whether you can be a federal judge. If you take your faith, seriously or gay relationships, in your opinion, immoral. Senator. I'm not sure, you know, the relevance of that too. I think that relevant your opinion. If you think African American relationships are immoral teething gay relationships, aren't moral you personally believe that get reaction. I do not you do not believe that. Senator my personal views on any of these subjects are things. I would put to one side, and I would faithfully not willing to say here. Whether you believe is sinful for a man to meant to be married. You're not you're not willing to comment on that. You're not willing to say here. Whether you believe it is sinful for two men to be ma-. You're not willing to say. Not only am I not willing. I would suggest with all due respect. Mr. Senator that the line of questioning goes against. Entire constitution. Stands for. This this. This is a religious to. I it's not my job that Mark constitution precludes you from asking me what I believe to be sinful or not. How dare you, sir? Have you know, shame should be the response. She has much more control of herself than I do does Naomi row. That's probably why she's in line to be a federal circuit court judge. And then there was this part, which was really delightful. Here's Cory Booker that that genius of the United States Senate. Have you ever had an LGBTQ law clerk, I've not been a judge. So I don't have any law. What about your law clerks? What about your law clerks are any of them gay? I'm not a judge. So I don't have any clerks. But then he went further, and before I continue with this line of questioning may I just point out that the federal law right now, I'm pretty sure dictates that it is illegal to actually ask the sexual preferences of a potential employees. I know around here at my place of business. I can't go around to people who work for me, or who I work with air anywhere and say, so who is it you sleep with you know, what what what what brandy asleep with you like the guys like the gals who do you who do you end up? You know, what floats your boat? You can't do that. Cory Booker hard, working someone working for you. I'm to be honest. I don't know the sexual orientation of my my staff. So I I take people as they come in respective of their.

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