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Would just take a shot that from an impossible angle and he would hit it. Flurry moves and a foul one. Four the cola yokich. This is going to be the biggest challenge of young de'andre eight months. This the sonnen number one overall pick for the sons an eight and it's just had the best fourteen days of his nba career muscled. Anthony davis before davis scott. Hurt shot the ball brilliantly. Did he shot a seventy five percent game six and lowered his shooting percentage for the series and so Look he's not going to match yoga. Shot for shot but he can be a guy who is physically imposing really good moving his feet he can make yokich work and i think that's what you're really looking for. You're looking to make yokich work. And wow yoka channels. That matchup could affect the outcome of the series. Yeah there's a really interesting tension in the teams. We have remaining brian where you have like legitimate. Mvp's or stars but also franchises that have not won titles really or at least not in a long time. So i'm looking at this list right now. We have eight teams remaining. Only three have won a title ever before we have the sixers. Eighty-three the bucks and seventy one. And the hawks who can forget brian. The atlanta hawks of nineteen fifty. Ed i believe now. We'll be there. Saint louis hawks. Pablo i clearly. Clearly i have remembered the saint. Louis hawks nineteen fifty-eight but beyond that. We're looking at the clippers. The debts the sons the jazz and the nuggets all of whom combined for oh and forever so for all of the criticism that the league tends to take about the predictability of the postseason. How it's always the lakers. Or rather lebron and the spurs of the warriors like. What does all of this tell you about what we're watching right now. Well you know isn't a bummer for the nba. That is steph. curry is home. That lebron james is home Yeah it is. Those are guys that we've come to watch in the finals for the last decade but on the other side of it. We've got some just ascendant talent. We talked about trae young earlier. I mean he is just brilliant. I mean he has really must watch basketball right now. Booker with just one of the best games. You'll ever see a a yokich donovan mitchell with the jazz Has been just amazing. These are the guys are going to be watching for. The next decade. Yet will usually brian at this point. Have tiers of teams where it's like okay. Here are the favorites here. The sort of semi contenders here are the mediocrities. Here are the write offs with these eight teams. Is there a tier structure. That is obvious to you. How do you make sense of where these teams all fit in relation to each other pablo. It's a terrific terrific point. I mean if the nets were fully healthy. I'd have to say that they would be the favourite for most people because of just the star power that they have but now that hardman is is wounded and may be limited or down for a while. It is really difficult to see. Who's going to be in the finals. And even even if he gets the finals. How it's gonna play out. I mean what if we're at the start of a trae young run that is historic. What if we're at the start of devon booker run that his historic one. If the way the clippers ended this the series against the mavs close last two games the way they played. What if that is the beginning of them reaching the potential that they had when they formed this team. Two years ago the failed to touch you. Know what if yokich in the nuggets really are so special and michael porter. Jr. is the type of player who can overcome the loss of jamal. Murray mean you watch the jazz play and historically the way the jazz play. They are constructed and perform. I could championship team so no. I don't mean to be sell the the soap here but the reality is that the playoffs are truly unpredictable. At this point. And it's it's reason to watch ryan win hers before i throw my computer at the window at the idea of a trae young historic run. I thank you for being a top to your guest. Espn that's what. I strive forward to not be in the bottom tier. Pablo.

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