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Could have won them against i'll know thirst ran a mouthful dice fall the fate fate did not aligned itself for the patriots to win the maybe it's karma because they teach so much i don't know oh i know it i know i will admit it i it does it take some of the tarnish at tate i'm not cheating anymore well sheeting just in ways that we have a car knowing after the the deflated ball and domestic last year rose in the gatorade and nobody there wasn't a again radi drink that mysterious subs go go to lose yeah that's exactly what it is tomris go coaching although caffeine oh nightshade rain day look cover who knows the because you know rare allegedly psalm with a mysterious bottle they were trying to figure out what was what is that they i mean it's obviously the fountain of youth some sort of elixir it's clear a thank my was take as i said before the show because when i was watching that bears packers he must like they showed a preview for the for the bucks pats came on thursday i feel like because tom tom brady is one of the grace of all time meted greatest quarterback that i should witness him play and i'm not sure if by that just an idea that i happy because it's not thursday night the idea actually going out there i probably would but do you feel like you have to have you seen tom brady play live yet yeah i saw when the the blood of patriots came to play the bucks maybe three years ago i think it was a it was an evening game and i went to that so as in the same building as tom brady but i still don't think it's on can yet i would i'm giving serious consideration to going listen yes taking my personal feelings out of.

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