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Once upon a time a time long in the past not last age but the age before the last there was named Bob at in he loved hurry so he collected them his library always adults so they call him bobby. Did the BRA You know in the I he had a tower all to himself hit in only with excels that protected him from site. He gathered books from every Alf. Alphabetize them on his show. Any were rare and hard to come by. He was always operating eating late into the night. That was the Bra Bobbin Gras Bobbin and and he loved his Privac- but he knew his collection should have reach students. Came from foreign wide. And Bob Welcome. I teach a channel everybody's rights so sad body in a Bobby Bra. A one day old. He died his magic. Tower vanished along. We everything inside wander lost and everyone was mystified. Tunis on Bobby. Bryant remains a spy Effort to try to find the library in the BRA and Bob the BRA..

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