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Who's gonna undercutting? If Muller claims collusion the media is going to be all over it. The media is going to be promoting. They're going to be amplifying it Trump's going to be denying it. But that would be expected the United States and worldwide media would be. It would be a sous NAMI. It would be a worldwide soon NAMI news story, Trump illegitimate Trump and Russia colluded says, Robert Muller, and it would be says, Robert Muller, it wouldn't be says, Andrew Weissmann or any of the other investigators. It would be says, Robert Muller Robert Muller's says Trump and Russia colluded to steal twenty sixteen election, if he had reported that the media would be worldwide would be dwarfing everything. And how do you how do you push back against that? Now, you got bar as the attorney general, and bark and look at the report will way I don't see any collusion in here, but the cat would be out of the bag. To I'm thinking, then, it would have been easy to pull off. But something prevented Muller from doing it. I have heard by the way, I should tell you something, I have heard that there was dissension in the Muller team that there were some early resignations, because some of his investigators thought they had proved collusion and wanted to report to say so and when either vote was taken or a decree was given that there would not be any collusion found in the report that some of these people decided to resign from the Muller team. Now I can't prove any of that. They're scuttle bug. I've heard it from a couple of different sources, but. That's really neither here, nor there. If you just if you stop and think of what a giant davick story, it would have been how could it have been pushed back against? Now, if Muller lied and this is all if, if Muller had lied he would've known in lied. And if it had ministered bullish than there would have gone, his reputation, Mr. honorable and Mr. integrity, would be forever sullied, if it would have ever been established that there wasn't any collusion despite his findings. I think. The purpose here remains even with this report to get rid of Trump. You'll notice how the issuance of the report finding no collusion, did not stop anything. It didn't bring the investigation screeching halt. It just launched brand new ones because of how much Democrats have tied up in this. So one, one theory. Muller didn't dare lie didn't dare fine collusion when there wasn't any. Because it would have been knocked down and would have undercut everything he's ever said. So it was just safer. To save that there were many examples of obstruction, but that none of them were prosecutable because you can't indicted sitting president, that was the safer route to go. Oh, I am. Sure. Someone that team wanted that report to say collusion, but somebody there. So we can't there wasn't any. So let's go at this from the obstruction angle, we can complain we can't indict will leave it up to bar, but we're going to issue two hundred and some odd pages on obstruction. And we're going to let the media run with it plant some bread crumbs in there and let it just develop that Trump obstructed. But wait a minute. Obstructed what? There wasn't any collusion. The first half of the report says, no collusion. What was dry he tried? He wanted me fired. He called it a witch hunter, whatever. In the words if Muller head said there was collusion or obstruction. He would have had the lie. And eventually, eventually the lie would be exposed. He had to be thinking this way. And then if that had happened, his entire report would be completely untrusted. So I'm sure that what happened here was okay there's no collusion. But that's not gonna stop us. We're still going to get this guy. We're still going to make life miserable for this guy. And we're going to do it on the obstruction angle, and we're going to leave at wide open for all kinds of interpretation. He's obstructed, this case thousand times minimum, and we'll let the Democrats and the media run with it, and that is exactly what has happened. They obviously concluded they will get more mileage just implying that there were all kinds of obstruction crimes. And.

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