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Before we begin i'm excited to share my spooky new podcast with you haunted places every other thursday greg gives us a spooky audio tour of some of the most haunted places in the world every haunted place as are frightening but real backstory i'll take you through the legends history and supernatural activity of each place haunted places is a park cast podcast listen and subscribe to haunted places on apple podcast tune in google play or podcast dot com due to the graphic nature of this cult's crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of graphic material that some people may find offensive we advise extreme caution for listeners under thirteen hi i'm greg poulsen and i'm vanessa richardson of this is cults in part one of our exploration of david koresh and the branch davidians we explored creches early life at his rise within the group if you haven't listen to part one you may wanna jump back him check it out before listening to part to impart to will learn more about croatia's followers or is he called them students and what he preached to them will explore why people stayed in the group even as karesh limited their basic freedoms emotionally isolated them and led them into a violent clash with the us government will delve into the actual confrontation between the branch davidians and the us government and see how the fatally botched atf raid developed into a fifty one day standoff with the fbi that ended in flames killing scores of branch davidians including karash and almost two dozen children vanessa's go to lead the way on the psychology he.

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