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Along it's i'm really excited about this i am so so happy to see that this is the result yeah like the i'm really really excited but stroke about the mac we should there's up the so much that we're gonna cover today which is try a lot big things up backup still yeah so we have we have mojave right and you've got your dog mode dogmas really cool all that stuff mojave mojave mojave which of course now we're going to have to spend a as we with yosemite a a year where people know jay call it mo j o j v but it's mohave and their standard some stuff that is little features a whatever registers rang his new find dark mode is good that was the however many years ago four years ago when they did the dark menu bar look of it though i think i think that this refinement needed and they looked inva today to me they they did a another thing which is a sherlock in which is for years now people have been making these emotion backdrop things where over time like it's based on nature photos for the whole day and it changes your background and that's built in which i think is intriguing because that means presumably somebody will figure out where that's coming from and we'll be able to like build new ones so maybe other people will build in like cool retaining things around their spit yeah the dark mode i think is good because it means that developers like every not every many writing apps that i use have themes but you have to turn them all on and off on their own and that's the nice thing about this dark mode is that you could say when i'm in dark mode i want white text on a black background and when i'm in not dark mode i want black and white background and that's an i just flip a switch you do a keyboard shortcut and it just changes it's like yes thank you that's that's exactly what i want so nothing nothing earth shattering there but you know a bunch of little stuff that i think is encouraging a bunch of finder before we get to the the app store bunch of find your changes and by the way when i was at macworld we've always had this debate about whether it would be referred to.

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