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Poor results in early stage studies Mark based in kennel birth, says it will instead focus on studying to possible treatments for the virus that also have yet to be approved by regulators. The company says its potential vaccines were well tolerated by patients. But they generated an inferior immune system response compared with visor and Madonna vaccines. Wal Mart stores say they will have Corona virus vaccines, It's several Jersey, Wal Mart and Sam's Club locations. Including Pleasantville, Toms River, North Brunswick, Burlington, Pennsville, Franklin, Garfield, Hamilton, Violin, Linden, North Bergen and boot in and once it's vaccination operation is up and running. The company expects to deliver 10 to 13 million doses per month. Colleges are still reeling financially from the Corona virus. Pandemic with long lasting change is possible. Faculty union president suit Tardy says William Paterson University is planning to layoff is much as 1/4 of its faculty within a year. Those other professional staff and librarians Plan layoff is unprecedented in the state of New Jersey for undergraduate programs and six graduate programs are currently slated to be eliminated. Tardy of the American Federation of Teachers says it's unclear about their colleges will follow suit. President Biting is signing an executive order revoking a Pentagon policy that largely bars transgender individuals from joining the military. The new order, which fighting is expected to which biting did sign already today overturns a ban ordered by President Trump. Also immediately prohibits any service member from being forced out of the military on the basis of gender identity. Now, for those of you who watched the Super Bowl strictly for the commercials, you're gonna be disappointed. ABC News says several advertising icons have decided to pull their ads do to cope in 19. The first time since 1983. Anheuser Busch will not advertise its iconic Budweiser brand during the big game and said it's donating the money would have spent on the ad to cope in vaccination awareness.

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